What Type Of Illness Does Andrew Schimmer’s Wife Have? Brain Hypoxia And Health Status Now

Andrew Schimmer is a very much observed Filipino entertainer. He is known for films like Eskandalo, Blind Side, Project X, Green Paradise, and so on.

The entertainer as of late got close to home as he talked about the skirmish of his significant other, Jho Rovero, against an infection. His significant other has been a patient at St. Luke’s Medical Center since November 2021. How is his missis getting along now?


Andrew Schimmer’s Wife Suffers From Brain Hypoxia Jho Rovero, the spouse of Andrew Schimmer, has been in an emergency clinic for a month at this point. She experienced a serious asthma assault, which prompted a heart episode and mind hypoxia.

The condition, mind hypoxia, happens when the cerebrum isn’t getting sufficient oxygen. It for the most part happens when somebody is gagging, choking, or in heart failure. Other potential elements prompting the condition are a Brain injury, stroke, or carbon monoxide harming.

In April 2022, Schimmer posted a tragic letter for his better half. He shared the torment of being away from his adoration. The entertainer additionally recognized that he could never again endure the aggravation by making up that Jho was lying close to him on their bed.

The Blind Side entertainer additionally mentioned monetary help from his kindred big names and common individuals to help his better half. He is positive that he can before long bring Jho home.

Schimmer composed on his Facebook:’ The lose faith in regards to being without you is an excessive amount to handle at times. I miss our ordinary discussions about existence, God, and everything.’

“Nothing makes a home emptier than wishing that you were in it…our little bed appears to be too big these days. Conversing with myself and imagining that you are still adjacent to me doesn’t work any longer.’

He added: ‘On the off chance that I needed to depict the amount I miss you, I would simply separate and sob. Perhaps without you, I am only a crushed vessel that might very well at no point ever be entire in the future.’

By and by, the Filipino star is confident that his better half will get back soon. He regularly refreshes Rovero’s status on his virtual entertainment.

According to Andrew’s most recent Tiktok post, his better half is presently in stable condition, yet she is as yet unfit to move and talk. He really wants monetary help for her treatment. Who Is Andrew Schimmer’s Wife, Jho Rovero? Andrew Schimmer’s better half, Jho Rovero, is a Filipino model and entertainer. She has been disabled for just about eight months now.

Rovero, as seen on her Facebook, has posted numerous wonderful photographs of her works and family. She wanted to travel, cook, and make Tiktok like each normal lady. Be that as it may, since her sickness, she has not had the option to move.

Rovero normally commends her birthday on July 11 every year. She is just in her thirties and is needing support at this moment.

The entertainer regularly posts beautiful photos of his family on his Instagram account. Andrea, Jho’s girl, has likewise mentioned help for her mom on a GoFundMe page, where she has raised about $15,96. Be that as it may, they want to raise $20,000 all things being equal.

In the entertainer’s perspective, watching his children rest close to their mom is the most amazing aspect of his day.