What Was Alina Tseliupa Arrested For? Here’s What We Know About The Wife Of British YouTuber Bald And Bankrupt

Alina Tseulipa, most popular as the spouse of renowned YouTuber Bald and Bankrupt, has been confined for getting into a limited region near Site No. 112.

She is a wonderful lady and the accomplice of Benjamin Rich. She came into the spotlight after there were criminal allegations against her. Before that, she showed up in a few contents posted by Benjamin on his YouTube channel.


Benjamin is prevalently known by his YouTube channel name Bald and Bankrupt. He is a movement vlogger as well as a creator from British. He has 3.56 million supporters and 503 million perspectives on his channel.

The YouTuber began his YouTube direct in 2018 and has engaged his audience from that point forward. He began his video blog series in India after he sought financial protection. He likewise delivered a book named “The Burning Edge: Traveling Through Irradiated Belarus” on April 12, 2018.

What Was Alina Tseliupa Arrested For? Alina Tseluipa was captured for entering the limited region close to Site No. 112 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. She and the YouTuber Bald and Bankrupt were blamed for passing into the nearby spot without consent.

Per the reports, she has been fined $74 for a regulatory offense and furthermore restricted from the individual site. The YouTube content maker involved the young lady for the purpose of public embarrassment in his video content.

Tseluipa and Benjamin were taken to Baikonur, Kazakhstan, close to Russia’s rented platforms. At the point when the CCTV film was checked, they understood they were clicking pictures. Be that as it may, Tseluipa and Benjamin denied saying it was only a mix-up.

She was associated with a few wrong exercises while the YouTuber uncovered her in his video. The specialists were persuaded that the two were participated in crime. The couple’s capture was spread to the general population by the overseer of Roscosmos on Telegram. The unlawful passage became a web sensation in a brief period all over virtual entertainment stages.

The neighborhood policing researching “the specific degree of commitment in unlawful activity” that were the photographs of Rich’s visa and Alina’s identification transferred online by Rogozin.

Spouse Of British YouTuber Bald And Bankrupt’s Jail Sentence and Charges The spouse of British YouTuber Bald and Bankrupts has been charged for going into the area which was not permitted to go in, Site No. 112. Alina has been rebuffed with a 74-dollar fine, however it is as yet indistinct whether she is getting any prison sentence.

Alina Tseliupa’s significant other, Benjamin Rich, prominently known as Bald and Bankrupt, is a British excursion maker and an extraordinary vlogger. He has additionally been denounced in similar case as his accomplice. He is really famous on YouTube as he has 3.59 million supporters on his channel at this point.

The content designer has gotten examination in a few public media locales, essentially from the urban communities and districts he goes to frequently. He was announced bankrupt in the UK as he was unable to lay out his business. Thus, he began vlogging, and his circumstance motivated his channel’s name.

Tseliupa is by all accounts much more youthful than Benjamin. Alina was born on December 22, 1990, while the YouTuber was born on July 1, 1974. They have a huge age contrast of 16 years. While Benjamin is going in his video blog, we can likewise see Alina. She is a sidekick of the British YouTuber.

Alina Tseliupa Mugshot On Social Media Alina Tseulipa and her better half Benjamin Rich are getting viral all over online entertainment after their crimes. Their mugshot is yet to be delivered on the web. The two of them were gotten forcibly for criminal operations.

The Russian power captured the two for getting into the area to see the “Buran Rocket,” where no authorization was conceded. The organization addressed them for two hours. Bare and Bankrupt fined a measure of sixty pounds for the occurrence.

The report is right now moving all around the world after the capture of Benjamin and his sweetheart Alina. As the YouTuber is popular a considerable lot of his fans and devotees are coming down on the British government to make a move against the Russian specialists.

Alina’s accomplice Rich confronted a comparative occurrence in 2019 from the Russian specialists when he shot a Chechnya video. Around then, he was constrained to give a conciliatory sentiment letter for his demonstration to the Russian organization.