Where Are Frank Rzucek And Sandra Rzucek Now? Shanann Watts Parents Still Alive Or Dead


A triple homicide case in Colorado in 2018 sent shockwaves across the United States.

Chris Watt, the dad of the Watts family in Fredrick, Colorado, killed his pregnant spouse, Shanann Watts, and her two youthful little girls, Bella (4, 4) and Celeste (3), while she was 15 weeks pregnant.


On September 30, 2020, Netflix broadcast “American Murder: The Family Next Door,” a narrative on the stunning case.

Chris, as indicated by the narrative, choked Shanann to no end.

However, he didn’t stop there, conveying Shanann’s body to an oil field where he had been working, alongside his two residing kids.

Chris covered his two youthful little girls after that.

He concealed their bodies in the oil tanks when they died, while Shanan was covered in a shallow grave.

Are Frank Rzucek Sandra Rzucek Still Alive? Casualty Shanann Watt’s folks, Frank Rzucek (father), and Sandra Rzucek (mother) may be alive as up until this point their end news hasn’t been delivered.

In spite of coming from a monetarily troublesome foundation, they had the option to give a great life to their youngsters, Shanann and Frankie.

In a 2018 meeting with ABC’s 20/20, the couple uncovered the awful killings of their little girl and granddaughters.

Where Could Shanann Watts Parents Now be? The whereabouts of Shanann Watt’s folks, Frank and Sandra Rzucek presently can’t seem to be uncovered.

They are situated in North Carolina and may live in the encompassing region.

Shanann’s folks admitted that they had worshiped Chris, Shanann’s significant other, since the main second they met him.

Shanann and Chris met on Facebook in 2011 when they were both living in North Carolina, they revealed.

Shanann was supposed to be experiencing lupus at that point.

Sandra Rzucek related that Chris was frantically infatuated with Shanann, and he did all that he could to satisfy her.

Thus, it was almost outside the realm of possibilities for them to accept how he had treated they learned of it.

The Ruzuceks decided not to seek after capital punishment after Chris ultimately conceded his wrongdoings in court.

Frank And Sandra Rzucek Age In view of their appearance, the times of Frank Rzucek and Sandra Rzucek at present could associate with 60 to 70 years of age.

Their little girl, Shannan, was 34 years of age when she was killed.

Frank Rzucek and Sandra Rzucek kids Frank Rzucek and Sandra Rzucke are the guardians of two kids, Shanann and Frankie.

They are additionally the grandparents of two wonderful young ladies, Bella (4) and Celeste (3), whom they love.

Following the appalling passing, Sandra talked at the consultation, saying she wasn’t sure what gave Chris the position to kill his girl and grandkids.

The Rzuceks were exposed to public disgrace soon after their girl’s passing and Chris’ sentence.

Shanann’s dad, Frank, said in a meeting that the family was continually exposed to awful, brutal provocation and plain harassing.

In addition, they got dangers by means of unknown Facebook profiles, and many individuals scrutinized their late little girl’s profound quality.

At the point when the abuses continued to come, Frank had no real option except to react.

He expressed in the meeting that “it is unforgiving, it is merciless,” encouraging individuals to quit tormenting and corrupting others.

It’s nothing unexpected that they have no online media presence at this moment.