Where Are George Wiltsey And Michelle Lodzinski Today? Timothy ‘Timmy’ Wiltsey Murder Wiki


Timothy Wiltsey, known as ‘Timmy’ was a 5-year-old kid who lived with his mom Michelle Lodzinski in South Amboy, New Jersey. Tragically, the young man was killed and her mom was the significant suspect. We should figure out more about her.

Timmy’s dad George Wiltsey was harmful to Michelle hence she got back to New Jersey. Nonetheless, Michelle herself missing the mark on care and sympathy toward her child, as she was a greater amount of a more seasoned sister than a mother.


To earn a living wage, Michelle worked low-paying position and depended on her family members. Moreover, because of her foolish consideration, Timmy was chomped by a free canine from the nearby and needed to wear 72 fastens.

At long last, on May 24, 1991, Michelle and her child, went to visit Disney World, she informed a neighbor concerning her arrangements and both of them went out at 11 a.m, it was the last time Timmy was seen alive.

Meet Timothy ‘Timmy’ Wiltsey Father: George Wiltsey Update Today George Wiltsey now 56 years of age, is living in Iowa. He appears to in any case grieve his child, as second thoughts appear to flood him with distress.

George and Mitchelle met when they were youthful, Mitchelle met George when she went to visit her stepbrother in Iowa, and in no time they started dating and shared a solid relationship.

Later on, Timmy was born, after the appearance of Timothy, and the couple appears to have issues in their relationship. Mitchelle claims that George was harmful and could have done without her home in Iowa.

Additionally, subsequent to living with her mom in New Jersey, she left with Timmy to go to Disney World and later asserted that her child has been lost and hijacked.

After some time, a teacher observed a child’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shoes, subsequent to cautioning the specialists, they recovered the body from the bog and keeping in mind that matching the dental records it was found that it was without a doubt the assortment of Timmy.

Henceforth, because of absence of proof, Timmy’s mom was not charged in spite of being the fundamental suspect. Be that as it may, she was sentenced after 20 for the homicide of her child for a considerable length of time without the chance for further appeal yet in December 2021 was liberated because of absence of proof.

Who is Timothy Wiltsey Mother? Mitchelle Lodzinski Update Today Timothy Wiltsey’s Mother is Mitchelle Lodzinski who is the culprit who killed her own child. Lodzinski the 54-year-old is by all accounts living with her two children, she had hitched someone else.

Notwithstanding, she was indicted for her child’s mom in 2016, she was carrying out a 30-year jail punishment without the chance for further appeal in Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for ladies in Hunterdon County.

After the case was returned during the 2010s and the disclosure of the things in the demise of Timmy shed light on another bearing, as the kid was enveloped by the sweeping and the sweeping was connected to Londzinski’s South Amboy home.

By the by, Lodzinski was liberated from the conviction as to the vanishing of her child from the Kennedy Park Sayreville. The jury couldn’t decide if Lodzinski murdered her child or whether it was careless, wild, or intentional.

Timmy Wiltsey Death Case On Dateline “Blue Blanket Mystery” Michelle Lodzinski took her child to a fair cautioning the neighbors. Nonetheless, her youngster had been lost in the festival while Lodzinski planned to purchase a soft drink as per the assertion.

Notwithstanding, Michelle was not indicted in her underlying preliminary, after the demise of her child as the proof was conditional. Later on, an observer distinguished the proof which connected Michelle with the demise of her child.

At last, in December 2021, the New Jersey State Supreme Court couldn’t view Lodzinski to be very muchliable and the jury was uncertain about whether or activities were purposeful or foolish way of behaving.

Consequently, Michelle Lodzinski the mother of two was liberated from the prison to the arms of her loved ones. The dateline show on NBC appears to examine the time period of the wrongdoing and lead their audiences towards the explanation of the case.