Where Are Margaret And Martha Ratliff Today? The Staircase Elizabeth Ratliff Daughters In 2022


Margaret and Martha Ratliff are the little girls of the late George and Elizabeth Ratliff.

The Ratliff family was dear companions to Michael and Kathleen Peterson in Germany during the 1980s. Michael Peterson is a writer infamous for his conviction for the homicide of his subsequent spouse, Kathleen.


After the tremendous outcome of the Netflix narrative “The Staircase,” HBO has likewise presented the 2022 miniseries “The Staircase” on May 5.

The 2022 series centers around Peterson’s mixed family and the relationship with his embraced little girls, the Ratliff sisters.

Elizabeth Ratliff Daughters Margaret And Martha Ratliff Are In the US Today Margaret and Martha Ratliff, the girls of the late Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Ratliff, are gotten comfortable the U.S. today, where they carry on with their existences individually, starting around 2022.

Romper reports that Martha had settled down in Colorado while Margaret moved to California.

After their dad, Michael, was sentenced for Kathleen’s homicide, the sisters chose to head out in different directions and left their home in Durham, North Carolina,

In the interim, their dad, Michael, is presently out of jail and delivered his record of his significant other’s passing through a journal named “Behind the Staircase” in 2019.

Extra reports on the alienated dad and girl’s get-together have not stood out as truly newsworthy as the family has looked for security.

Margaret And Martha Ratliff’s Parents Are Not Alive Margaret and Martha Ratliff lost their folks, George and Elizabeth when they were extremely youthful.

Their dad, George, was a commander in the US Air Force who died of a cardiovascular failure in Panama in 1983.

In the interim, their mom, Liz, was a teacher who died in the wake of tumbling off a flight of stairs in her home in Germany in 1985. She had gone through the evening out with Michael and Patty.

Margaret was two years of age, and Martha was only one at the hour of their mom’s demise. Consequently, as neighbors and dear companions of Liz, Michael and Patty had embraced the young ladies yet not lawfully.

The Ratliff sisters were raised close by the Peterson family’s two children, Tod and Clayton. At the point when Michael got back to the U.S. what’s more, remarried, the two sisters again framed a familial bond with the late Kathleen.

Margaret and Martha Ratliff Are Married With Husbands and Family Margaret and Martha Ratliff are hitched to spouses and lead their own families notwithstanding the cross country uproar of their supportive mother’s passing.

However the sisters confronted appalling family circumstances, including their friends and family’s demises and jail sentences, they were adored by their folks.

Michael is viewed as a decent and adoring dad to his children and supportive girls. It was his sexual openness that incited him to kill Kathleen as she was unglued about it.

Similarly, both Ratliff sisters didn’t affirm against Michael and remained in the help of him till the end.

What Is Margaret and Martha Ratliff Net Worth? The Ratliff sisters, Margaret and Martha carried on with a seriously decent life because of their folks’ impact while their individual total assets actually interests the public today.

Big name Net Worth reports that the sisters’ caring dad, Michael Peterson’s total assets is $500k from his composing profession.

The sisters avoided the media in regards to their lives and works after Michael’s conviction.