Where Does PewDiePie Live Now? In The UK, Japan or Both Countries?

PewDiePie and his better half Marzia live in the English East Sussex town of Brighton and Hove. In 2019, they bought a house in Japan, a country they have long respected.

The couple routinely heads out toward the East Asian island country to invest quality energy yet their main living place remains Brighton and Hove.


In spite of the relative multitude of debates that have encircled his YouTube profession, PewDiePie has still figured out how to arise as the No. 1 free maker on the stage.

With north of 108 million supporters and 26 billion perspectives to his name, the swede is absolutely YouTube eminence with a procuring power that is unequaled. That acquiring influence presently makes him one of the most extravagant YouTube characters on the planet. It additionally implies that the previous school dropout can stand to live like a superstar.

Despite the fact that PewDiePie and his soul mate are hesitant about showing the reality where they reside to stay away from over the top fans, we truly do realize that the pair live in the English town of Brighton and Hove. They likewise own one more home in Japan, a reality that they would without a doubt be euphoric about given that they have made no endeavors to conceal their well established love for that specific country.


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PewDiePie’s Home in Brighton and Hove Before turning into a widely popular content maker who can bear to claim homes in different nations, PewDiePie (genuine name – Felix Kjellberg) was only a normal teen who experienced childhood in the Swedish town of Gothenburg. He cherished messing around on the web and eventually, exited school.

He later got a lot of random temp jobs as he lost his parent’s monetary help, and utilized his income to back his energy.

PewDiePie set up his YouTube divert in 2010 and it was a moment hit thanks to him spearheading the gaming critique type. He arrived at 1,000,000 supporters in under two years and has since partaken in an unmatched ascent. That ascent has brought about a fortune that supported PewDiePie’s movement from Sweden to the Unified Realm in 2013.

Along on the ride with him was his then-sweetheart Marzia and they made their home in the shoreline resort town of Brighton and Hove, situated in South East Britain.

The pair keeps up with their home there to date and Marzia frequently posts pictures of them and their dearest canines taken against different great backgrounds.

A few group have looked to know why PewDiePie and his significant other decided to move to Brighton and he has expressed that there was not a great explanation for it.

He keeps up with however that an extraordinary city accompanies open doors. The YouTuber and his better half are unquestionably carrying on with their best life yet so far, they have been hesitant to share pictures of what their digs resemble inside. One can’t fault them as they are simply attempting to safeguard their protection.

Yet, notwithstanding these best endeavors, a few fans have figured out how to translate their precise location and have appeared excluded.

PewDiePie has not warmly embraced this and in 2016 made a video cautioning fans to quit turning up close to home haphazardly.

Their UK Home Was Overflowed in Late November 2019 It has positively been a decent encounter for PewDiePie and his significant other living in Britain however there have likewise been a few drawbacks. The English weather conditions is very flighty and Marzia experienced this in late 2019.

In November of that year, the young woman took to Instagram to share that their home had been overwhelmed because of weighty storm.

The water got as high as mid-calf and completely covered their terrace. She was subsequently compelled to fall back on scooping it out with a pail to guarantee that it didn’t go into their home.


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It was to be sure a seriously upsetting day for the couple and matters were exacerbated when sewage water from their neighbors likewise advanced once more into their property.

Fortunately, the experience didn’t scar them forever and they have no expectation of for all time leaving the U.K. One of the alluring reasons that have positively roused them to wait in the U.K. is charges. As indicated by PewDiePie, his expenses has diminished since Brexit and he is blissful about it notwithstanding the way that he never upheld England leaving the E.U.

The Couple Gobbled Up A House In Japan In October 2019 PewDiePie and Marzia have been developing their land portfolio with a subsequent home in Japan.

Preceding purchasing that specific spot, the couple had been on a mission to Japan on a few events and totally cherished it.

They even got taken part in that country in the year 2018 thus whenever the open door and assets introduced themselves, they chose to purchase a home there in October 2019.

PewDiePie took to his virtual entertainment handles to report the uplifting news and broadcasted a thankful vibe as he recognized that it could never have been conceivable without the fans.

The couple have since visited their Japanese home severally yet they are not considering moving out to the country forever at any point in the near future. There, right off the bat, is the way that the YouTuber needs to keep partaking in the tax breaks of living in the U.K. what’s more, is legally necessary to invest a specific measure of energy in that country in case he will be burdened in anything other country that he has gone to. PewDiePie may likewise be reevaluating any future movement intends to Japan seeing as his home was burglarised only two months after buy.


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Their Japanese Home was Burglarised Only Two Months After Buy To no one’s surprise, it was Marzia that took to Instagram to uncover the news.

She shared that the thieves had moved in while they were away and trucked away 90% of her resources which went from gems to extravagance merchandise and unique things.

The young woman went on to uncover that she couldn’t resist the urge to be stunned and miserable despite the fact that she realize that she ought to be content with what she had left.

PewDiePie would later examine the burglary and uncovered that the thieves didn’t contact his valuable camera or PC yet just designated Marzia’s things.

He portrayed this as very lamentable and proceeded to uncover that they got loads of steady remarks from fans. He anyway uncovered that a few others were very unsympathetic and felt that it wasn’t exactly a major ordeal since he was very well off. The entire episode caused the YouTuber to procure another point of view and he is presently working to clean up his home.

As per him, he has been learning about the Greek thinker Diogenes (who had no common belongings) and is disposing of all that has no genuine or wistful worth to him.

All things that have no worth or utility to him are either being given, sold, or disposed of through another means.


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