Where Is Adrianna Hutto Brother AJ Hutto Today? Update On The Kid Whose Testimony Helped To Convict The Mother


The instance of AJ Hutto and his sister Adrianna Hutto stays lamentable each time we visit the occurrence.

Who could fail to remember the little fellow in a court itemizing the episode which saw his sister being killed by his own mom and separating subsequent to discovering his words would place his mom in prison forever.


The court proceeded to accept the expressions of a little youngster with the proof he introduced and condemned his mom for the main degree murder.

Yet again 14 years after the overwhelming occurrence, we return to the case with the endure child’s current whereabouts.

AJ Hutto Now: Where Is Adrianna Hutto Brother Today? AJ Hutto, the brother of Adrianna Hutto more likely than not finished his secondary school now and is expected to have joined the University starting today.

The little fellow was 6 when he saw the disastrous occurrence through his own eyes. AJ saw his mom Amanda Lewis rebuffing and dunking her more established girl Adrianna which brought about her demise.

Accepted to be in his 20-21, Hutto’s current location is stayed obscure yet is thought to be residing in Florida as he was born and brought till 6 up in his home in Esto, Florida.

With respect to his mom Amanda Lewis, she is serving her time in Lowell Correctional Institution and won’t venture outside the jail for the remainder of her life.

Everything began on August 8, 2007, when the mother called the police about observing her girl in the family’s pool who was not relaxing. After one month, she was captured and accused of the homicide of her 7-year-old little girl Adrianna.

AJ Hutto Mama Amanda Lewis Case Update Amanda Lewis was condemned to life in jail on March 2008 without the chance of parole.

Her child AJ Hutto stayed the onlooker for the homicide of his sister as he depicted the ‘discipline’ Lewis was providing for Adrianna for splashing window cleaner in some unacceptable spot.

AJ recollected the occurrence and introduced through attracting the court where he expressed that he had seen his mom kill his sister. AJ said that his mom put her arms into Adrianna’s face and had inscribed in a drawing ‘she died..too awful’.

In the mean time, Lewis stays still to her words expressing that she had not murdered her girl and Adrianna had slipped into the rowing pool.

Besides, she demands that AJ isn’t coming clean yet she is and expresses that she adored AJ regardless.

AJ Hutto Wiki Details AJ Hutto’s wiki isn’t accessible.

The young man’s sister’s case anyway is found on the Wikipedia and the case is introduced exhaustively.