Where Is Amanda Lewis Now? Adrianna Hutto Mother 911 Call and Documentary

Amanda Lewis killed her seven-year-old little girl before her child as a discipline for getting out of hand.

About an hour later, Amanda’s girl Adrianna Hutto got to the emergency clinic in a rescue vehicle and was articulated dead.


AJ, Amanda’s six-year-old child, started to recount to a more dull story that would bring about a homicide preliminary where he would affirm as a critical observer against his mom.

Amanda Lewis killed her seven-year-old little girl Adrianna Hutton in the pool at her Esto, Florida, on August 8, 2007.

Amanda Lewis, Adrianna’s mom, called 911 in the wake of tracking down her little girl lethargic in the family’s pool. Crisis responders took Adrianna to the close by emergency clinic Bay Medical, where she was pronounced dead about an hour after the fact.

At the point when Adrianna’s stepbrother A.J., then six years of age, let specialists know that he had seen his mom “dunk” as a type of actual discipline, the passing was not generally viewed as a mishap.

Where Could Amanda Lewis Now be?
Amanda Lewis is at present in jail subsequent to getting a lifelong incarceration without the chance of parole and 30 extra year sentence for youngster maltreatment regarding the homicide of her girl.

At the point when she found her little girl Adrianna drifting face down, Amanda, then 27, hurried over and grabbed her out.

The episode at first appeared to be a horrible mishap, and neither the Sheriff’s Department nor the criminal specialists had any motivation to finish up. Nonetheless, under an hour after the fact, AJ, Amanda’s six-year-old child, started to recount a seriously terrifying story.

AJ started to let them know that he had seen his mom put Adrianna underneath the water while covering her face with her hand.

While Adrianna was as yet alive in the clinic, Amanda’s folks, Brenda Burns and Charles sent this data to the neighborhood sheriff’s office, who carried AJ to grill.

Examiners and a youngster expert talked with AJ two times on August 8, 2008. During the two events, he generally rehashed similar tale about how his mom had “dunked” Adrianna as discipline for acting mischievously.

Adrianna Hutto Mother Call 911
The 7-year-old American young lady Adrianna Elaine Hutto lived in Esto, Florida, with her mom, Amanda Lewis.

Adrianna’s mom, Amanda Lewis, called 911 on August 8, 2007, professing to have found her girl lethargic in the family’s pool.

AJ started to clear up for them how he had seen his mom put Adrianna underneath the water while covering her face with her hand.

Adrianna was found to have ADHD all through the assessment, and Lewis conceded that while, from the get go, she struggled with interfacing with her little girl, her adoration for Adrianna had created with time.

Specialists likewise found that Adrianna and A.J. didn’t seem to have any toys in the home. Lewis answered that toys had been taken out for seven days as a type of discipline and that they were kept in a shed.

Amand Lewis was captured and accused of Adrianna’s first-degree murder in September 2007. She was allowed the opportunity to acknowledge a supplication understanding that would have required a liable decision for murder and a ten-year sentence, however she decided to go to preliminary all things considered.

Where Could Amanda Lewis Son Aj Lewis Hutto be?
Aj Lewis Hutto, the child of Amanda Lewis, dwells with his new supportive family and isn’t in touch with his mom Amanda.

Aj was a casualty who saw his sister suffocating in the pool while being watched by his mom. He could be between the ages of 20 and 25 and be an occupant of Florida.

Before A.J affirmed against his mom upon the arrival of the preliminary, Amanda and A.J had been separated for close to a half year. A.J separated, yet he figured out how to get past it.

Nonetheless, when the guard lawyer made some noise, A.J. Yet again went against himself. He conceded later that he was uncertain of how her sister suffocated subsequent to recollecting Adrianna suffocating external the pool.