Where Is Amanda Logue aka Sunny Dae Today? Dennis Abrahamsen Murder Update


Amanda Logue AKA Sunny Dae is carrying out her punishment in jail starting today. Here is all that you really want to learn.

Pornography star Amanda Logue, otherwise called Sunny Dae, conceded to killing Dennis Abrahamsen, the owner of a tattoo parlor. Furthermore, the entrepreneur was found dead after a party as being beaten and wounded, as per the Daily Mail.


A pornography entertainer has conceded culpability to a lesser accusation that might land her in prison for as long as 40 years. She was blamed for working with her beau Jason Andrews to beat and blade a tattoo retailer to death during a sex party quite a while back.

Where Could Amanda Logue Aka Sunny Dae Today be? In the wake of entering a liable request to kill, Amanda Logue, 40, is presently finishing her sentence. In the Pasco County Jail, she is being kept.

She is blamed for killing Dennis Abrahamsen, 41, in 2010 close by her accomplice Jason Andrews, and as a feature of a supplication understanding, she might get as long as 40 years in prison.

Logue, who is being confined in the Pasco County Jail, was first accused of first-degree murder however was subsequently accused of second-degree murder as a feature of a request deal. Logue was paid to go to Abrahamsen’s Florida house for a sex party. The supplication was submitted on Monday in Pasco County, Florida by Amanda Logue, who had recently functioned as a whore and showed up as Sunny Dae in various obscene movies.

Specialists expressed that in May 2010, 41-year-old Dennis Abrahamsen was found dead on a back rub table in his New Port Richey home subsequent to being wounded and pounded into the ground.

Amanda Logue Georgie Wikipedia Explored Amanda Logue was recently hitched to a Georgian person before she met Jason Andrews. In spite of Logue being hitched to a person in Georgia, they became indivisible subsequent to meeting on the shoot of an obscene film in late 2009, as per colleagues and authorities.

As per her Wikipedia page, Amanda Logue was an expert model who showed up in explicit motion pictures as well as swimsuit and fixation flicks. As per their Twitter records, Logue and Andrews spent half a month in Florida a long time before the homicide, shooting obscene films, loosening up on the ocean front, and pronouncing their adoration for each other. The two were seen grinning and nestling in pictures posted on Logue’s Facebook.

Dennis Abrahamsen Murder Details Explored Specialists expressed that in May 2010, 41-year-old Dennis Abrahamsen was found dead on a back rub table in his New Port Richey home in the wake of being cut and pounded into the ground.

A relative found Abrahamsen dead in his home around 18 hours after the fact, face down on a back rub table, with blood all around the walls and roof fan. As well as killing Abrahamsen from the get-go May 15 and taking $6,000 in real money, his Visas, and a camera, as per Florida police, the couple likewise took a camcorder.

The night prior to his carcass was found, Amanda Logue was paid to hit up a sex party there, as indicated by court records. Agents guarantee that previously and all through the party, Logue and her beau Jason Andrews traded irreverence filled instant messages talking about the assault.