Where Is Christopher Moyer From Warrington PA Today? Family Murder Story Revisited


Have some familiarity with the Warrington man named Christopher Moyer who killed his significant other and child prior to taking his own life in a self destruction.

The episode traces all the way back to 2011 when the Warrington area saw the finish of the Moyer family.


It was a horrendous ending up recollecting for local people as three individuals from a similar family died around the same time, all because of the activities of Christopher.

He killed the two his cherished spouse and a youthful child by beating them with a homerun stick before he accomplished something unfathomable.

In the wake of killing them, he dialed 911 and informed them that the homicide was finished by him. Yet, the man was not found at his home when the police showed up.

Where Could Christopher Moyer From Warrington PA Today be? Christopher Moyer from Warrington PA is dead as he committed suicide by allowing the train to go through himself, not long after killing his loved ones.

In the wake of illuminating the police about the occurrence, he left a short notification including the names of the other relatives to illuminate and went out.

He was beyond his home when the police arrived at the scene and the officials not long from now got data about a man being hit by a traveler train in Hatboro.

It was, as a matter of fact, Christopher himself. He committed suicide prior to anything about the entire occurrence was to be known and the genuine justification for why Moyer did every one of the unpleasant demonstrations actually stays a secret.

Family Murder: What Did Christopher Moyer Do? Christopher Moyer killed his significant other, Irina Geller Moyer, and their child, Dillon, prior to ending it all.

He utilized a polished ash to kill both of them when they were resting. Examining the crime location, the 39-year-old spouse’s body was found in the restroom contiguous the main room while the 7-year-old youngster was tracked down in another room.

The horrendous bat was close to the youngster and there were no indications of battle from which the officials reasoned that both could have been sleeping when Christopher hit them.

Before long, Moyer’s body was found in the railyway track with around $1300 in his pocket and different basics.

Indeed, even to this date, the response of for what reason did the man commit such activities is as yet a serious inquiry to the loved ones.