Where Is Colin Patrick Dudley Now? Kassandra Cantrell Boyfriend Charged With Murder


Colin Patrick Dudley was captured and accused of first-degree murder after his pregnant ex Kassandra Cantrell was viewed as dead in 2020. This is the thing you want to find out about the case.

Dudley is the ex of killed pregnant lady Kassandra Cantrell. The casualty evaporated on the morning of August 25, 2020, in the primary trimester of her pregnancy.


The body of a pregnant Washington lady was subsequently found over a lofty slope. Colin, who was believed to be the dad of her unborn youngster, was accused of her vanishing and murder.

Where Could Colin Patrick Dudley Now be? Kassandra Cantrell Boyfriend Charged With MurderAs per online prison records, Dudley is blamed for first-degree murder and is right now held at the Pierce County Jail. A long time back, they dated at the end of the day split up. According to the reports, they later started to associate as companions.

A SWAT group and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office captured him on doubt of homicide on September 23, 2020. After two days, her family did her missing report on August 25.

As per The News Tribune, analysts had restricted in on him as a suspect very quickly subsequent to finding reconnaissance film of the ex entering a parking structure in her vehicle and leaving it in a truck.

Kassandra Cantrell’s neglected vehicle was tracked down in the carport. When addressed, Dudley guaranteed he hadn’t seen her in quite a while; notwithstanding, specialists guaranteed that GPS information from his truck assisted them with finding Cantrell’s body.

The Daily Mail guarantees that Dudley likewise deceived agents about his collaborations with Cantrell.

It has been guaranteed that telephone records have demonstrated this to be false and that ex Dudley is the natural dad of Kassandra Cantrell’s unborn youngster, who is absent.

As indicated by reports, Kassandra Cantrell, who was recently announced missing, had illuminated her family that her ex-accomplice Dudley was the dad of her unborn youngster.

Besides, Cantrell was accounted for missing after she missed her arrangement for a ultrasound image while still right off the bat in her pregnancy.

The lady allegedly had previously purchased child garments and was “euphoric” about the approaching birth.

As detailed by KIRO in Seattle, Cantrell’s remaining parts were apparently found wrapped up on the cliffside where she was unloaded.

Colin Patrick Dudley Age At the point when Colin Patrick Dudley, a Tacoma occupant, was confined regarding Kassandra’s homicide, he was 37 years of age.While the person in question, Patrick’s ex Kassandra, was 33 when she was killed.

Colin Patrick Dudley Verdict Colin Patrick was accused of homicide in the principal degree. As per prison records, he was held in the Pierce County Jail on $2 million bail.

The update of Dudley’s decision is unsure, and it’s likewise indistinct in the event that he recruited a legal counselor to address him.