Where Is Diane O’Meara Today? Meet Lennay Kekua Fake Face Used To Catfish Manti Te’o

The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist is a narrative that is parted into two sections and recounts the tale of how duping totally changed the way that a gifted player’s profession took.

Manti Te’o and the duping plan that caught the Notre Dame linebacker, yet additionally got every individual who heard his remarkable story of coarseness and assurance will be the essential focal point of the second series that will be created by Netflix.


Likewise, Ronaiah “Naya” Tuiasosopo, the one who was answerable for making up the linebacker’s better half, will show up in the narrative.

Manti Te’o Fake Girlfriend Scam Explained After Notre Dame’s triumph over Stanford, 45-38, in 2009, the South Bend Tribune distributed an article that has since been brought down that expressed Mantie Te’o got an opportunity experience with Lennay Kekua, an understudy at Stanford, outside Palo Alto, California.

Then, before the beginning of a heartfelt association, the two started taking part in regular correspondence with each other via telephone and through web-based contacts.

In 2012, Te’o was a prevailing power in the National Football League and a rising star on the university level. It appeared to be like a prosperous athletic vocation was coming up for him given his situation as a linebacker at Notre Dame.

Tragically, on September eleventh, he was hit with not one however two wrecking misfortunes: the demise of his sweetheart, Lennay Kekua, as well as the death of his grandmother, Annette Santiago.

An ensuing examination concerning Kekua’s personality by Deadspin prompted the distribution of a story in which it was guaranteed that Kekua didn’t exist and that Ronaiah Tuiasosopo was liable for the misrepresentation of the association with Manti. The story likewise guaranteed that Ronaiah Tuiasosopo was answerable for the misrepresentation of the association with Manti.

In web-based recognitions and TV news inclusion, photographs from the virtual entertainment profiles of a secondary school understudy whose name isn’t Lennay Kekua have been wrongly utilized as Kekua’s photographs.

Te’o conceded in later meetings that he had misled his family and general society about having visited Kekua face to face, yet he kept up with that he was blameless of any bad behavior regarding the extortion.

Where Could Diane O’Meara Today be? Face Of Manti Te’o Fake Girlfriend Diane O’Meara, whose face was utilized to deceive Manti Te’o, partook in a couple of meetings in 2013 to make sense of her situation with regards to this issue. She was the individual whose face was used.

As per her meetings, up until the point that news spread about the episode, she had no clue about that the Fighting Irish player had been tricked by her picture being utilized in a fabrication.

The woman declared that she was suddenly drawn nearer through Facebook by Tuiasosopo, who requested that she snap a photograph of his recently mishap deceived relative since the cousin thought she was alluring. The woman’s record was upheld by the way that Tuiasosopo made the solicitation.

During a meeting on NBC, she said that Ronaiah had been taking her pictures and following her Facebook page.

Diane has shunned disclosing any appearances actually for various reasons. Apparently Tuiasosopo has detached herself from every last bit of her web-based entertainment accounts since her personality was taken.

She told CNN, “I was doing all that to safeguard myself. My Facebook was private.” “I was doing all that to safeguard myself.” I changed every one of the settings after cautiously going over each post on the course of events and focusing on detail.

Notwithstanding it, she said, “I knew about what post was there and who was seeing it.” But it’s extremely clear that won’t cut it nowadays.

Diane O’Meara Appearance Was Used As Lennay Kekua By Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Diane O’Meara, who was Ronaiah Tuiasosopo’s schoolmate, was utilized by him as the substance of Lennay Kekua with the goal that he could con competitor Manti Te’o.

O’Meara doesn’t have any of the accompanying: a degree from Stanford University, past involvement in perilous engine mishaps, or leukemia. As indicated by the reports, those occasions that were developed were actually a stratagem to befuddle player Te’o.

Diane viewed the circumstance as “incredibly odd, wound, and bewildering,” as she had never met Te’o in spite of the way that her photos were put all through public media channels with claims that she was his departed sweetheart. In spite of the fact that she had never met Te’o, Diane viewed the circumstance as “very odd, contorted, and perplexing.”

O’Meara’s support in the discussion was upsetting for her since she was worried about the effect it would have on the unique interactions she keeps up with.

As she considered her own circumstance, she really wanted to feel dreadful for Te’o, whose profession had been given a huge lift because of the contention that ejected.

Who Is Diane O’Meara? Her Wikipedia Bio The photos of Torrance, California local Diane O’Meara that were tracked down on the web by Tuiasosopo and used to portray Manti Teo’s sweetheart were taken from the web.

As per a post from TheCinemaholic, O’Meara has a Bachelor of Science certification in Business Administration from California State University, Long Beach.

Supposedly, she was a colleague of the supposed extortionist, Tuiasosopo, in secondary school. Tuiasosopo is the person who involved her face in the con.

At the point when the occurrence happened, Diane was filling in as a marketing proficient in Los Angeles, where she had been utilized beforehand.