Where Is Donna Lange Now? Everett Woman Boyfriend Case Complete Timeline


As per CBS station KIRO, Donna Lange, a 50-year-old Everett lady, is blamed for choking out her accomplice to death by lying all over back in 2013.

A Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office report demonstrated observers said the lady had her chest on the casualty’s face.


As indicated by DailyMail, a 14-stone woman has to deal with murder penalties after purportedly choking out her cooperate with her bosoms during an inebriated fight inside a trailer.

Where Could Donna Lange Now be? Everett Woman Boyfriend Murder Dateline There is no data about Donna Lange after she was blamed for killing her accomplice on the web, yet she could be having to deal with penalties of second-degree murder.

As per the occurrence report procured by the Daily News, Donna Marie Lange, 50, is blamed for covering her accomplice to death with her enormous chest after witnesses told police they saw the pair drinking and quibbling in their Everett, Wash., RV.

Witnesses guarantee they heard the 5ft 7in male, who imparted the trailer to Lange, beseeching her to let him be. ‘She had her chest all over – she covered him to death,’ one observer told The Sun.

Lange, who had been exceptionally inebriated and had experienced facial wounds during the squabble, asserted to specialists she had no clue about how the man died. Specialists attempted to resuscitate him, yet when he showed up at Washington Swedish Medical Center, he was articulated dead.

A male and three ladies, notwithstanding the person in question, were found at the site, every one of whom were exceptionally inebriated, as per police. A cop snapped what appeared to be Lange’s hair held in the casualty’s palm. Lange is blamed for murder in the subsequent degree.

Donna Lange AKA Donna Lang Age And Wiki Donna Lange, false name Donna Lang, was 50 years of age when she was blamed for killing her sweetheart in 2013, may now be in her late 50s.

As announced in Daily Mail, she seems to remain at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs around 192 pounds.

Also, when representatives showed up at the clinic to meet with Lange, she appeared to be intoxicated. She professed to cherish the person in question and that they had recently been together for roughly a month.

As per the assertion, “she acknowledged no bad behavior and expressed she was miserable on the off chance that the casualty was dead, yet she didn’t have the foggiest idea how he died.”

While the justification behind the battle is obscure, the article claims Lange was maddened when one of the observers, the casualty’s ex, was inside her home that day.

Albeit the reason for death is uncovered immediately, Lange may be accused of second-degree murder.

A representative for the sheriff’s office said she was unable to say whether Lange had been charged.

Is Donna Lange Still In Jail? There is practically zero data about her on the news site, and we can’t figure out if she has been rescued or is still in prison having to deal with her penalties.

It isn’t uncovered how she’s doing, yet she’s been accused of second-degree murder, and there’s no word on whether she’s in prison. Moreover, different ladies have purportedly involved their bosoms as weapons all through the world.

A German lady was accused of endeavored murder in November 2011 in the wake of endeavoring to choke out her sweetheart with her 38DD bosoms. Tim Schmidt, 30, asserts Franziska Hansen endeavored self destruction since she was jealous of his legitimate occupation while jobless. Hansen dismissed the allegations, demanding that the two were having a consenting sex game.