Where Is Erin Jones Killer Chris Tahah Now? Dateline Updates


Erin Jones was a single parent from Dodge City, KS, who unfortunately lost her life when her previous issue turned out poorly.

31-years of age Erin Jones partook in her ladies’ night just minutes prior when she died. The occurrence that happened on 4 May 2007 remaining everybody crushed who were obscure of her aggressor at that point.


The official found her departed in her own home with just the smidgens of proof abandoned. Upon examination, the group found a stunning lead that made quick work of the case.

NBC Dateline has as of late concealed the homicide story on the episode “Killed By Morning,” circulating on Oxygen.

Who Is Erin Jones Dodge City KS? Erin Jones Dodge was a single parent taking care of her two youngsters in Dodge City, KS. She unfortunately died in May 2007 in the wake of having chance to death.

She was born on 2 March 1976 and is striking by her complete name Erin LeeAnn (Wade) Jones. Prior to winding up dead, she partook in her amazing time with her companion, Vanessa Feldman.

They initially began their ladies’ night with the night ball game, beverages, and moving at neighborhood clubs. Yet, much to her dismay, the misfortune planned to hit her.

She had a previous relationship with Kansas Police Officer named Christopher “Chris” Tanah. Their relationship didn’t end well, with the passing over envy.

Her sister at the time sincerely expressed, “You didn’t mind at all that she was a little girl, you didn’t mind that she was a mother… You didn’t really mind that she was a sister and an extraordinary companion. You just minded that she didn’t need you, and you needed to ensure no other person could have her.”

Where Could Erin Jones Killer Chris Tahah Now be? Dateline Updates Subsequent to directing an exhaustive examination on Erin Jones’ homicide, a previous Dodge City cop, Chris Tahah, got captured in eastern Colorado. As referenced by The Denver Post, the State Patrol kept him in the Lincoln County, Colo jail in the wake of pursuing him on Interstate 70.

Following an extended time of homicide, the jury viewed him to be blameworthy in 2008 of first-degree murder. Erin, 33 at that point, faces a sentence of life in jail and presently investing his energy in prison.

The Dateline has thought of an episode, “Killed By Morning,” covering the awfulness of a single parent and her poisonous past issue.

At that point, Chris asserted that he simply needed to frighten the person in question and pointed the firearm at her room, however at that point the weapon went off, and it was a mishap.

Nonetheless, the specialist remarked, “Chris, you’re a cop. You know how to control a weapon. I struggle with accepting it just went off.”

Is Erin Jones Featured On Wikipedia? Family Mourns While Tributes Pour In Erin Jones’ homicide story isn’t accessible on the Wikipedia page. Her folks, Lyman and Carol Wade invited her to the family.

She grew up with her sister Theresa Crout and her granddad Ivan Kirk Maring, who likewise tributed her while grieving at her memorial service at Swaim Funeral Home.

Her dad expressed, “I believe it should be realized that we figured out later that Erin was totally frightened to death of Mr. Tahah. what’s more, when I figured out she had died by his hand, it totally destroyed me.”