Where Is Glen Samuel McCurley Today? Carla Walker Murder Update, What Happened?


Glen Samuel McCurley is the one who was blamed in 1974 for hijacking and killing a 17 years of age young lady, Carla Jan Walker.

At the point when Glen was examined in 2020 regarding Walker’s homicide he stood strong saying he didn’t kill her. In any case, as the DNA tests found on Walker’s bra matched his DNA it was certain that he killed her.


Furthermore, during the declaration on Monday McCurley was seen admitting to the wrongdoing. In the sound and the video cross examination, it is hard to hear obviously, yet he can be heard saying, “I surmise I stifled her to no end.”

Where Could Glen Samuel McCurley Today be? Glen Samuel McCurley is in prison today and will use whatever might remain of his life there. Subsequent to supporting his honesty for over forty years, he is presently captured at 78 years old.

Glen was blamed for hijacking and killing 17 years of age young lady in 1974. He was set free 100% of the time as he substantiated himself honest yet, he has been condemned to lifetime jail.

On Tuesday around 8:40 am, Samuel entered the Judge’s court, was confirmed, and not long after changed his supplication from blameless to blameworthy. The appointed authority let him know that she got an archive wherein he had admitted with regards to Carla Walker’s seize and murder.

In this way, the appointed authority inquired as to whether he got what that mean, he reacted to her that he was “blameworthy” and was quickly condemned to life in jail and the preliminary was finished up.

Carla Walker Murder Update Carla Walker’s homicide stayed a virus case for a very long time till September 2020. However, there is an update that her killer has been gotten and condemned to lifetime jail.


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Walker’s DNA proof was shipped off the Othram Inc. Leads from Otram and a subsequent examination by Detectives Wagner and Bennett prompted the recognizable proof of Glen Samuel McCurley as a suspect in the wrongdoing.

Moreover, Police observed DNA tests from the rubbish outside Glen’s home, and the DNA test was likewise given to the specialists. The proof was to the point of capturing him.

Along these lines, Glen went on a preliminary in August 2021 and changed his guiltlessness to blameworthy. He needs to live in prison for the remainder of his life.

What Befell Carla Walker? Carla Jan Walker was an American young lady who was a manslaughter casualty snatched from a bowling alley parking area in Fort Worth Texas on February 17, 1974.

Walker’s dead body was found three days after the fact in waste only 30 minutes south of Fort Worth. She was only 17 years of age when she demised.

Late Carla was with her sweetheart Rodney McCoy that evening, in his vehicle subsequent to going to a dance at Western Hills High School.

Besides, the vehicle entryway opened and the two were assaulted by an obscure assailant. Her beau was gun whipped and was oblivious. His last memory was Carla being gotten and taken by the obscure aggressor.