Where Is Jack Torosian Wife Now? No Limit Gym Owner Charged On Glendale Shooting

In the wake of documenting a separation claim on November 25, 2020, Jack Torosian’s significant other, Elda Madatyan, is calmly continuing on with her own personal business in LA.

Elda Madatyan’s ex and the proprietor of No Limit Gym, Jack Torosian, was condemned to three years of probation subsequent to being associated with the Glendale shooting in 2014.


During the shooting, three men were harmed, including Fitilchyan, the proprietor of the body shop, and Jack Torosian’s brother, Robert. A shot contacted Fitilchyan’s ear while one more touched his stomach. Two careful tasks must be performed on him.

Albeit the two brothers Torosian were captured, just Akop Torosian was charged. Where Could Jack Torosian Wife Elda Madatyan Now be? Their Children And FamilyJack Torosian’s better half, Elda Madatyan, is unobtrusively carrying on with her life in LA in the wake of documenting a separation claim on November 25, 2020. As of October 23, 2021, the separation case was all the while forthcoming.

Torosian is the dad of three youngsters, Noah, Niko, and Mila, whom he imparts to his ex. He loves his family and spends liberally on his two children and girl.

At seven years old, Niko is the most seasoned. He likewise has a YouTube channel, which he began on May 30th and has been dynamic for a considerable length of time. He has acquired a sum of 15 supporters from his two recordings. Mila and Noah are four-year-old twins.

Her ex was accused in association of the Glendale shooting in 2015. No Restriction Gym Owner Jack Torosian Charged On Glendale Shooting – What Happened To Him? Akop “Jack” Torosian, who was recently blamed for the Glendale Shooting in 2015, is as of now in prison for putting a weapon on one of his workers at the No Limit Gym and tormenting him in June 12, 2022. He was caught by police as he endeavored to escape to Miami.

Beforehand, he had been allowed a three-year trial period and cautioned to avoid a rundown of people, which included two of the folks who were shot in the Glendale Shooting.

The case traces all the way back to April 16 of 2014, when Torosian purportedly got into a conflict with Harut “Charlie” Fitilchyan, one individuals who were shot.

The owner of Papillon International Bakery and No Limit Gym was viewed as at fault for one demonstration of attack with a deadly weapon by an adjudicator in December 2015.

Different allegations against Torosian were dropped, including two counts of endeavored murder and two counts of attack with a self-loader handgun.

A direction for the casualties was blamed in November 2015 for falling flat to extort Torosian’s brother out of $2 million.

Jack Torosian Net Worth Disclosed Akop “Jack” Torosian is a tycoon with a total assets of more than $1.5 million.

As a money manager and a jock, he has done whatever it takes to claim two organizations: Papillon International Bakery in Glendale and the top of the line exercise center No Limit.

On his web-based entertainment pages, Torosian is seen wearing an assortment of very good quality brands with his three youngsters.