Where is James Papol today? Whereabouts explored ahead of Homicide Hunter: The Man With No Face premiere on ID


James Papol, a Colorado man being held at a psychological organization in association with various violations, was captured and sentenced in 2018 in the many years old perplexing instance of Mary Lynn Vialpando, who was viewed as wounded, r*ped, and pounded into the ground in a Colorado Springs rear entryway in 1988. The 24-year-old mother was the survivor of a supposed endeavored burglary.

Papol was associated with the wrongdoing utilizing DNA proof gathered from the crime location such an extremely long time back. He confessed to second-degree murder and bothered theft in 2021 and was allowed a 60-year jail sentence.


Reports express that James Papol is right now spending time in jail at the San Carlos Remedial Office in Pueblo, Colorado.

In May 2021, 48-year-old James Papol, who conceded to r*ping and killing Mary Lynn Vialpando in a back street in Old Colorado City in 1988 when he was just 15 years of age, was allowed a 60-year prison term. He was given a greatest sentence subsequent to conceding to second-degree murder, bothered theft, and four-sentence improvements for violations of brutality, including utilizing a deadly weapon.

As per reports, the homicide of Vialpando, 24, stayed one of Colorado Springs’ most confounding strange cases for quite a long time until Papol’s capture in 2018 after Colorado Springs police’s standard DNA data set check uncovered a match among him and the semen found on her body.

The Journal detailed that fourth Legal Area Judge Robin Chittum discussed the savage wrongdoing, guaranteeing that “what she [Mary Lynn Vialpando] went through is unspeakable.” She further added:

The extensive sentence was given over 90 days after Papol conceded for the situation, staying away from a preliminary where he should contend he was not liable by reason of craziness.

James Papol was a drawn out occupant at the Colorado State Psychological wellness Organization in Pueblo following a madness responsibility for irrelevant violations at the hour of his capture. Yet, there is no proof that Papol was insane when he killed Vialpando, who was viewed as violently wounded, beaten, and r*ped closeby to an inn where the charged and his family had been living at that point.

As per specialists, Papol confessed to the wrongdoing to his mom in a telephone discussion following his capture. He apparently asserted that he tracked down the 24-year-old dead and endeavored to take her adornments.

While affirming in court, Coroner Dr. Leon Kelly portrayed the few cut injuries and serious head injury Vialpando brought about all through her battle. The wounds were reliable with her assailant’s endeavors to curb her while she was all the while attempting to ward him off.

Previous three-term lead prosecutor for El Paso Province and lead investigator Dan May encouraged the adjudicator to force the greatest sentence. In the interim, James Papol’s guard begged the adjudicator to think about a friendlier sentence. They put accentuation on his past as a mishandled and disregarded youngster raised by his alcoholic mother, while likewise refering to his dependence issues.

While giving over the sentence at the consultation, Judge Robin Chittum purportedly said that,

“This is not normal for anything I’ve had previously. This is perhaps of the most ridiculously terrible, rough, horrible, merciless, vicious case I’ve at any point seen, and I’ve seen a ton.”
Crime Tracker: The Man With No Face airs on ID this Wednesday.