Where is Juan Figueroa Jr. today? Whereabouts explored ahead of new NBC Dateline episode


Juan Figueroa Jr., a man at first associated in the 2018 vanishing with Rita Gutierrez-Garcia from Longmont, Colorado, confessed to second-degree murder and first-degree grabbing. The mother-of-three bafflingly vanished from a rear entryway in the early morning hours after St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

As a component of the supplication understanding that included taping an admission to the homicide, Figueroa Jr. was likewise expected to uncover the whereabouts of Gutierrez-Garcia’s body, which was found in Weld Area, Colorado, over four years after she disappeared.


Reports express that Juan Figueroa Jr., who was at that point serving a 93-year jail term for an irrelevant s*xual attack case in June 2022, was allowed a 48-year jail term for the killing to be served simultaneously with the past term. He is presently spending time in jail at Colorado Regional Restorative Office in Cañon City.

An all-new two-hour Dateline episode will additionally dive into Rita Gutierrez-Garcia’s chilling case this Friday, Walk 10, 2023. The episode, named Tracking down Rita, airs on NBC at 9 pm ET.

Juan Figueroa Jr. was at that point carrying out a 93-year punishment when he confessed to Rita Gutierrez-Garcia’s homicide

On June 3, 2022, 33-year-old Juan Figueroa Jr. confessed to second-degree murder and first-degree grabbing charges. This was essential for a supplication understanding that included taping an admission to the killing and giving the area of Rita Gutierrez-Garcia’s body to specialists.

A great jury initially prosecuted him on charges of first-degree purposeful homicide, crime murder, and second-degree capturing in the demise of the Colorado mother, who disappeared in Longmont quite a while back in Walk 2018.

Reports express that when Figueroa confessed, he was at that point carrying out a 93-year jail punishment in association with an irrelevant s*xual attack case. The request bargain recommended that will serve the second-degree murder allegation’s greatest 48-year sentence simultaneously with a s*xual attack term. The supplication bargain likewise forbids him from engaging the case or mentioning a sentence decrease.

Juan Figueroa Jr. is at present spending time in jail at the Colorado Regional Remedial Office in Cañon City, Colorado.

Examiners put forth their viewpoint against Juan Figueroa Jr. as a “no body crime”

As per reports, Rita Gutierrez-Garcia vanished in the early morning long stretches of Walk 18, 2018, during a night out with loved ones as they observed St. Patrick’s Day at a bar in midtown Longmont. She was last seen in a city parking garage close to 3’s Bar.

Juan Figueroa Jr. was recognized as a suspect during the underlying phases of the missing individual’s examination. Be that as it may, because of the absence of a body, examiners were simply ready to introduce the case to a terrific jury in April 2021 as a “no body murder.”

Figueroa chose to collaborate as a feature of the supplication bargain, guiding analysts to examine an area in Weld District where Gutierrez-Garcia’s disintegrated remains were found on April 28. The supplication bargain likewise expected the charged to compose an admission while additionally keep a video admission as well as guiding police to the remaining parts.

Examiners asserted that Juan Figueroa Jr. admitted to taking Gutierrez-Garcia unconscious, taking her to his truck, and choking her. He later showed up at the conference and admitted to the homicide in court.

As per multiple Times-Call report, Figueroa expressed:

“[It] was insane. I was crazy, I was unable to deal with my feelings. At the point when she called me ‘Crackpot,’ better believe it, I snapped.”
He additionally addressed the casualty’s family, asserting that he was upset for removing Rita from them.