Where Is Kemberlee Guffey Today? Pad Guffey Murder And Timeline


Kemberlee Guffey is a killer who killed her significant other, Pad Guffey, in May 2011 at their home in Mesilla Park, New Mexico. This episode was adjusted into a television series called Mad Vows in 2020. The main episode of the series’ seventh season highlighted everything about that second.

Where Could Kemberlee Guffey Today be? She was viewed as at legitimate fault for killing her significant other and was shipped off prison on that offense in 2014. She got a two-year jail term. What’s more, she was commanded to carry out an extended period of assessment. She seems to have been liberated from prison from that point forward. As per numerous sources, she as of now dwells in Las Cruces, New Mexico.


She at first denied killing her better half yet later, after her activities turned out to be clear before officials, she conceded and acknowledged her bad behaviors before the adjudicator. She likewise referenced that her endeavors came about because of self-protection as her better half was seething right now and could do anything wrong on the off chance that she hadn’t drawn in him first.

Cushion Guffey Murder And Case Timeline Kemberlee reached 911 on May 31, 2011, asserting her life partner had been hurt. At the point when the police showed up, they found Pad experiencing a chest wound. The 42-year-old, still cognizant at that point, informed crisis work force that he had unexpectedly stumbled over a tree limb. Then, at that point, it was found that whatever had infiltrated Pad’s skin had additionally cracked his heart, having gone through two of his ribs.

Kemberlee let the examiners know that she was snoozing when her better half left for work. She was stunned to see draining Pad suddenly in the kitchen asking for help. The police likewise accepted there was more they hadn’t found since they couldn’t find the branch or whatever else that cut Pad. The examination later uncovered that Pad and Kemberlee’s relationship was temperamental.

The police heard the emergency approach May 31, 2011, which was a critical development for the situation. They were especially inspired by what Kemberlee said before the dispatcher answered. She said her significant other let police know that he tumbled from the tree and was punctured by a branch in that cycle.

Afterward, Kemberlee recognized that she contended with Pad before on May 31, 2011. After Pad returned home, the debate deteriorated, and Kemberlee wounded Pad with a letter opener. She put the letter opener in the vehicle prior to dialing 911.

Kemberlee Guffey Wikipedia and Updates Kemberlee is the spouse of a pilot from New Mexico. Cushion Guffey was born in August 1968. At the point when he was around 18 years of age, the family moved to Las Cruces, where he later met Kemberlee.

Later on, the two were hitched and had a child together. Cushion was a guaranteed pilot who dealt with the family’s boring activity as well as playing golf sometimes. Tragically, he was killed by Kemberlee, who asserted it to be a mishap, yet the genuine truth was uncovered later.

This story was highlighted in an episode of the TV series, Fatal Vows. As indicated by the portrayal of the TV show, separation can become vicious and, surprisingly, lethal when relationships come up short. What was once an extreme relationship transforms into hatred, ravenousness, manipulating, and treachery. The book Fatal Vows analyzes fierce, sensational, and high-stakes divorces and the deadly killings associated with them.