Where is Kimberly Cargill Now? Who is Kimberly Cargill?

Kimberly Cargill, condemned to death in 2012 for the homicide of Cherry Walker, remains imprisoned at the Mountain View Unit in Gatesville, Texas, after fruitless requests.

Where could Kimberly Cargill Currently be?

Kimberly Cargill is right now in jail at the Mountain View Unit in Gatesville, Texas, carrying out a passing punishment by deadly infusion since June 7, 2012. During her preliminary, she didn’t confess, and her lawful group endeavored to challenge the conviction with 15 cases, which were all dismissed by The Texas Court of Criminal Requests.


The case included the passing of Cherry Walker, and Cargill’s guard was fruitless in demonstrating that Walker’s destruction came about because of an epileptic seizure. In spite of these difficulties, Cargill remains detained. Her lawful excursion, marked by fruitless requests, has left her in the limits of the Texas jail framework, where she anticipates the satisfaction of her condemned discipline.

Who is Kimberly Cargill?

Kimberly Diane Cargill, a 45-year-old mother of four children, confronted serious allegations of maltreatment from her kids and exes. Living in Whitehouse, Texas, she functioned as an authorized professional medical caretaker at ETMC in Athens. Cargill was going through a kid misuse examination by Youngster Defensive Administrations while her 4-year-old child, Luke, was under the consideration of Cherry Walker, a 39-year-old sitter with a formative issue.

Dreading the effect on a guardianship hearing, Cargill supposedly ended up being hysterical and proposed to conceal Walker. Sadly, Walker’s copied body was found on a country street on June 19, 2010. Cargill’s set of experiences of hurting relatives, spreading over twenty years, was featured by the Smith Region Head prosecutor.

In spite of her tempestuous individual life, she kept on functioning as an authorized professional medical caretaker, showing qualities of marginal behavioral condition with hostile to social and self-absorbed propensities, as per reports.

For what reason was Kimberly Cargill Arrested?

Kimberly Cargill was arrested in light of the fact that she was blamed for killing Cherry Walker, her child’s sitter, in June 2010. At first hung on charges of crime injury to a youngster, she later confronted a capital homicide conviction in May 2012. Cargill guaranteed that Walker had a seizure in her vehicle, driving her to drive her home as opposed to going to a bar.

In spite of endeavoring CPR and proposing to go to the clinic, she cruised all over for 40 minutes prior to setting Walker’s body ablaze on a provincial street to dispose of DNA proof. Cargill created a misleading tale about Walker going to supper with another person. Examinations tracked down Cherry’s assets at Cargill’s home, and calls from prison uncovered endeavors to eliminate proof from her Whitehouse home. These activities at last prompted her capture on significant allegations of capital homicide.

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Where is Kimberly Cargill Now – FAQs

1. Where could Kimberly Cargill currently be?
Kimberly Cargill is at present carrying out her demise punishment at the Mountain View Unit in Gatesville, Texas, following fruitless requests.

2. Who is Kimberly Cargill?
Kimberly Cargill is a 45-year-elderly person confronting a capital punishment for the homicide of her child’s sitter, Cherry Walker.

3. What was Kimberly Cargill’s occupation?
Cargill functioned as an authorized professional medical caretaker (LVN) at ETMC in Athens, Texas.

4. For what reason was Kimberly Cargill arrested?
Cargill was arrested in June 2010 on charges of capital homicide, blamed for driving Walker around prior to setting her body on fire to take out DNA proof.

5. What were the judicial procedures against Kimberly Cargill?
At first having to deal with crime injury to a kid penalties, Cargill was sentenced for capital homicide in May 2012 after a trial.