Where Is Larry Allred Today? Cindy Hernandez Murder Update From 1976


Larry Allred is a man who was seen as at legitimate fault for killing Cynthia Hernandez, a timid and youthful 18-year-old Glendora occupant. She had as long as she can remember before her when she bafflingly evaporated from a cinema parking area.

The horrible homicide is point by point in “Working on it With Paula Zahn: A Deadly Omen” on Investigation Discovery. It likewise shows how an inconsequential wrongdoing and a fortunate revelation assisted the police with tracking down the executioner.


Where Could Larry Allred Today be? Cindy Hernandez Murder Update Larry Allred, who was accused of Cindy’s homicide, entered a request of liable to first-degree murder and conceded full liability regarding the wrongdoing. The court thusly gave him a lifelong incarceration in prison in 2016.

Notwithstanding, as per sources, Allred will be qualified for discharge subsequent to finishing only seven years of his sentence since he was detained under resolutions that were active in 1976.

Thusly, it expresses that Cindy’s killer is at present confined at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility in Corcoran, California, despite the fact that Larry’s jail record demonstrates that he will be accessible for parole in December 2020.

1976 Cindy Hernandez Murder Case and Its Timeline On August 26, 1976, at around 10 p.m., Cynthia settled on the choice to visit the Fox Theater to see the film “The Omen.” Because Cynthia’s accomplice wasn’t feeling great that night and her sister, Delissa Steele, had previously seen the film, she pursued the choice to go to the theater alone.

Cynthia’s mom, Gloria Densham, called the Glendora Police Department in a frenzy the following morning, on Saturday, August 27, to report that Cynthia was no more.

Agents and relatives had no data about Cynthia’s whereabouts at the hour of her vanishing. The secret encompassing Cynthia’s vanishing has tormented Cynthia’s friends and family for almost 40 years.

On November 19, 1977, fifteen months after Cynthia evaporated, three guys proposed to drive two young ladies to a neighborhood party as they strolled through Covina. These two females were seized, sedated, and viciously assaulted for a really long time in a lodge in Twin Peaks, yet they never came to the party. One of the guys, Larry James Allred, undermined the two young ladies he had proactively killed with a skull and five human ribs, saying he would kill them once more.

Specialists scanned everywhere of the neighborhood for Cindy all through the resulting months. Regardless of what asset the police used in their examination, the 18-year-vanishing old’s stayed a secret, and the case at last became strange. Unfortunately, Cindy’s bones were at long last distinguished by DNA in 2014, and albeit an examination was not then possible, the killer confessed to choking Cindy to death.