Where Is Lynn Matthews Now? Billy T James Wife and Family Whereabouts After 3 Decades Of Death


Billy T James, the incredible performer from New Zealand, died on the seventh of August, 1991, experiencing cardiovascular breakdown. The late entertainer was an unmistakable figure in the satire business in the country.

He ran his self-named famous show “The Billy T James Show” during the 80s and was named the New Zealand Entertainer of the Year. After these, he acted in a few motion pictures like Came a Hot Friday, The Leading Edge, Footrot Flats: The Dog’s Tale, and Billy T James: Alive and Gigging Film.


Following thirty years after his demise, the enthusiasts of the 80s are still exceptionally intrigued to find out about his better half and relatives. Here are things we have assembled about them.

Billy T James Wife: Where Is Lynn Matthews Now? Lynn Mattews, the spouse of Billy T James, is at present gotten comfortable New Zealand.

It isn’t known when the couple had sealed the deal, she had turned into his widow of Billy in the year 1991 after Billy died experiencing cardiovascular breakdown.

Mattews latest appearance in the media was in the year 2011, during the arrival of the Audi New Zealand Season show, Billy. In a delivery occasion, Mattews discussed the subtleties of the task. She never looked for the spotlight and was a piece awkward specifying her significant other’s life. Notwithstanding, that’s what she expressed “Billy” was a superb recognition for the notorious performer.

In those days she said: “Since Billy died, certain individuals who feel like they own Billy are bringing in cash from him. Additionally, there are such countless stories drifting around about Billy, things that never occurred however are being sustained.”

“Along these lines, it’s consoling to realize that he is as yet adored however much he is individuals actually discuss him with such friendship and affection,”

The widow of James likewise said her significant other was exceptionally precise in his life and choices. She said: “I wish a portion of the things (in the show) were made up, yet that was the very thing that life resembled for us. A many individuals thought they realized what was best for Billy yet they didn’t. Billy understood what he needed; he simply didn’t have the foggiest idea how to tell individuals.”

More about Lynn Mattews could be known for Billy’s book named “Billy Life and Times of Billy T James”. Meet The Family Of Billy T James After 3 Decades Of His DeathBefore his passing, Billy T James was made due by his little girl, Cherie James, who has emulated his example as a performer.

As per IMDB, Cherie James has acted in motion pictures like Mataku (2002), Outrageous Fortune (2005), and The Market (2005). After the demise of her dad, she likewise introduced the 1997 narrative, “A Daughter’s Story”, giving a recognition for her notable dad.

In the narrative, Cherie James gives her point of view on the acclaimed contentions that happened after her dad’s passing. Along, with her mom, Cherie showed up in the debut of Billy. From that point forward we have not heard a lot of about her.

Billy T James likewise has a sister named Ngaire. The entertainer was of Waikato Tainui and Clan Campbell plunge, making him half Maori and half Scottish. His introduction to the world guardians were Sally and Jimmy Smith who were laborers at the Karapiro Dam.