Where Is Matthew Hester Now? Ex Husband Of Annastasia Hester Was Arrested For Murder Conspiracy


Matthew Hester acquired reputation for plotting the homicide of his better half, Annastasia “Annie” Hester in 2016.

The 2016 homicide case made truly a mix in Oregon, given the idea of the severe homicide. Annie was wounded in excess of multiple times, yet she made due until she called 911 for help.


The grim homicide has grabbed the eye of NBC’s Dateline as the show investigates a point by point examination concerning the case in its most recent episode.

Where Could Matthew Hester be? He Is Serving Time In Prison For Murder Planning Matthew Hester is still in jail for the homicide requesting charges of his ex Annastasia Hester.

KOIN revealed that the court records at first showed Hester had introduced a supplication bargain where he would substantiate himself liable and get under 90 months in jail on each count.

He had been hit with the charges of requesting the homicide of his ex and assisting the executioner with tidying up the proof.

During his condemning, Hester was secured at the Coffee Creek Correctional Institution after he was captured in June 2019.

Then again, Annie’s stabber, Angela McCraw-Hester, Hester’s subsequent spouse, was condemned to life in jail with the chance of parole following 25 years of prison spending time in jail.

She had conceded to the second-degree murder allegation of the late Annie.

Annastasia Hester Ex Husband Matthew Hester Was Arrested For Murder Conspiracy Matthew Hester, the ex of the killed Annastasia Hester, had set up the homicide trick after the previous couple battled about kid guardianship.

They were guardians to a youngster named Alice Hester from their five years of marriage. The previous Hester couple had separated in 2012, and Matthew had hitched Angela later.

They had at first moved toward recruiting an assassin who is uncovered to be Aaron McCraw, Angela’s ex.

As the couple couldn’t bear to pay for the assassin, Angela stepped up to the plate and kill Annie after much preparation.

The Gresham Police had captured Angela subsequent to testing DNA proof and uncovering more into Angela and Matthew’s objective of the homicide.

Matthew Hester Trial Status Is Closed Today Matthew Hester’s 2021 hearing was the final remaining one to hit the media, where he at last conceded to killing his previous spouse.

His preliminary status stays shut today, as he had consented to get the court’s structure and is at present in jail carrying out his prison punishment. The specialist’s capture arrived behind schedule in 2019, and his last hearing occurred in late August 2021.

The offenders, Matthew and Angela, are both in prison, while the kid for whom they took on such a hazardous way is out of the public spotlight.