Where Is Megan Dufresne Today? Suzanne Sevakis Daughter, Is Franklin Delano Floyd Her Father?

Megan Dufresne is the little girl of Suzanne Savakis, a subject of the latest genuine wrongdoing narrative on Netflix. Where could she today be?

Netflix has given some excellent brain bowing genuine wrongdoing narratives over the most recent couple of years and “Young lady in The Picture” is one of those that sit right on the first spot on the list. The new Netflix wrongdoing narrative has intrigued a many individuals with its chilling and clever subtleties.


In addition, the narrative is about a lady, Suzanne Sevakis who changed her name a few times and was accepted to be dead in 1990. Practically following 30 years, her actual personality is uncovered.

Where Could Megan Dufresne Today be? Suzanne Sevakis Daughter Whereabouts Megan Dufresne presently lives in Ponchatoula, Louisiana.

She was deserted by her mom, Suzanne Sevakis, and her potential dad Franklin Delano Floyd. They put her up for reception a couple of months after her introduction to the world. She was the third offspring of Suzanne Sevakis.

Subsequently, Megan was taken on by Mary and Dean Dufresne. It was a gift for her since she got to experience childhood in a protected climate rather than an oppressive one with Suzanne and Floyd.

Besides, Megan fills in as a Research Coordinator at Covington Ortho and Sports Med Clinic, according to her LinkedIn bio. She is a college alum and just got hitched to her first love, Jack Dufreche in 2021.

Megan Dufresne Age: Who Is Her Biological Father? Megan Dufresne is around 33 years of age right now.

She was born in 1989 as the third offspring of Suzanne Sevakis. Be that as it may, current realities about her organic dad stay ambiguous. There’s a gigantic chance that Franklin Delano Floyd is her dad as they took off from home and chose to put their kids up for reception.

Additionally, no reports of Suzanne are being engaged with any man other than Floyd. Yet, she changed her personality two times.

The Case Of Suzanne Sevakis: A Chilling Story To Know Netflix’s Girl in the Picture discusses the narrative of Suzanne Sevakis, a lady whose personality was uncovered 30 years after her demise.

The story began during the 70s when Franklin Delano Floyd moved toward Suzanne’s mom when she was managing a family issue. He guaranteed her satisfaction and the couple began to live respectively in her home.

Nonetheless, at some point, she got back home to find her sweetheart and youngsters vanished. She had four kids and Suzanne Sevakis was one of them. She later lived as Sharon Marshall, and Tanya Hughes until she died in 1990.