Where Is Patricia Sue Now? Michael Peterson First Wife In Germany

Patricia Sue accepted that her ex Michael was honest in the passing instance of his better half, Kathleen Peterson. Kathleen died when she tumbled from the flight of stairs, however it was accepted that the passing was not because of the mishap.

This story will be depicted in the genuine wrongdoing dramatization series named The flight of stairs on HBO Max, and it will be accessible for gushing from May 5, 2022.


Where Could Patricia Sue Now be? Patricia Sue has died away because of a monstrous respiratory failure she encountered on July 8, 2021. She was 78 years of age at the hour of her demise.

Her oldest child, Clayton, portrays her as a compassionate and kind lady. Moreover, he shares that she was healthy, however everything went downhill when she began to feel unwell on July 7.

She had been living with Michael in a southwest Durham loft for close to two years. They had isolated from one another, yet after the death of Michael’s significant other, Kathleen, they turned out to be close.

Clayton shares that her mom Patricia and Michael were going with one another and used to deal with one another.

Michael Peterson Met His First Wife, Patricia Sue, In Germany Patricia Sue was his most memorable spouse of Michael and the two of them lived in Germany for a very long time. As per individuals, Michael met Patricia without precedent for West Germany. Both Michael and Patricia used to work for the Department of Defense.

Likewise, Patricia has as an instructor for grade younger students for more than thirty years. They separated, and Michael wedded Kathleen in 1997 the separation while Patricia appears to have stayed single.

They didn’t accommodate after the separation yet were regarding each other, and she was on the side of Michael’s blamelessness in both the passings of Elizabeth Ratliff and Kathleen Peterson.

Meet Patricia Sue And Michael Peterson’s Children Patricia Sue and Michael Peterson brought forth two kids, Todd and Clayton. During their marriage, they were near their neighbors, George and Elizabeth Ratliff.

At the point when George and Elizabeth Ratliff died during the 1980s, they took on their girls, Margaret and Martha. Thus, they viewed their four children, however Michael has a little girl Caitlin Atwater from Kathleen’s previous marriage after the marriage.