Where Is Post Malone From? His Ethnicity and Nationality Explored

Post Malone’s nationality is blended, including Caucasian and Italian roots. He acquired his Caucasian roots from his dad, while his Italian roots were acquired from his mom.

The rapper is of American ethnicity. Post Malone is a rapper, lyricist, vocalist, and record maker from the US. He is famous for his assorted vocal reach and has won honors for melding the hip-jump, R&B, pop, and trap classes and subgenres. Peruse on as we unwind everything to be aware of Post Malone’s identity and ethnicity.


What Ethnicity is Post Malone? Post Malone’s identity is American by birth. He was born in Syracuse, New York, US on July 4, 1995. He spent piece of his initial life in Syracuse, New York, and the rest in Texas, all in the US. Post Malone put in a couple of parts of his initial years growing up with his mom and father. The last option a piece of his life was enjoyed with his dad, stepmother, and stepbrother.

What Is Post Malone’s Nationality? As an American resident, Post Malone’s ethnic distinguishing proof isn’t generally so clear as his public personality. Because of the way that his dad is Caucasian and his maternal granddad was born to Italian guardians, his parentage is somewhat more changed. This provided the rapper’s nationality with a dash of Italian lineage.

Meet Post Malone’s Folks Post Malone’s folks are Richard Post and Nichole Frazier Lake. We are uncertain of how, when, or where they met, as well as whether they were hitched or dating when Malone was born. His parent’s relationship became stressed when he was a youngster and thusly, they isolated and went their methodologies.

The exact reason for his parent’s partition is as yet unclear right up ’til now. Be that as it may, Post Malone resided with his mom for some time in Syracuse, New York, where he was born, yet moved in with his dad and stepmother later on.

Nicole Frazier Lake is Post Malone’s Organic Mother The rapper’s natural mother is Nicole Frazier Lake. In spite of the way that Post Malone has come to the spotlight, she has kept an exceptionally low profile. Subsequently, very little data about her is made accessible to general society.

Before her relationship with Post Malone’s organic dad, Richard Post, reports have it that she was involved with a secret man.

The relationship prompted the introduction of Post Malone’s more seasoned stepbrother, Jordan. Beside being the mother of Post Malone, there is no data with respect to how she makes ends meet. Notwithstanding, she imparts serious areas of strength for a to her child and migrated to Texas to be near him.


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Post Malone’s Dad Is Richard Post Very much like the rapper’s mom, his dad, Richard Post, additionally likes to keep his data out of the media.

There is no affirmed data about his date of birth, yet a few sources report that he is in his 60s and was brought up in Rochester, Penfield.

He had his college degree at Syracuse College, graduating in 1988. The rapper’s dad supposedly spent north of 16 years in Syracuse after his college degree.

In the mean time, he met Nicole Frazier and had the rapper in a similar city before migration to Texas. Post Malone’s dad is presently the Dallas Cattle rustlers’ true arena’s associate overseer of food and refreshment activities. Richard Post recently stood firm on a foothold with Whirlin’ DJs as a circle jockey (DJ) for CNY weddings.

After his division from Post Malone’s mom when the rapper was 9 years of age, he met Jodie when he was working for an organization in Syracuse called Map book Medical care Material Administrations. Subtleties of what amount of time they dated prior to requiring for the promises have been kept off the openly available reports. Nonetheless, reports have it that Post Malone’s dad got hitched to Jodie, and they moved from Syracuse to Grapevine, Texas, with Malone and his stepson Mitchell. Mitchell is Jodie Post’s child from a past relationship.