Where Is Samirah Muzaffar Today? CEO Cradle Fund Murder To Reach Verdict Today


The high court planned to deliver its choice on Nazrin Hassan’s homicide case. His bereaved spouse Samirah Muzaffar and two stepsons were blamed for homicide, however the high court has vindicated them of the claims.

The CEO of Cradle died when his home burst into flames in 2018. It was first supposed to be a demise from an unplanned fire, yet criminology tracked down unnatural situations and wounds on his body, presenting the defense a homicide. What’s more, the essential suspects were Samirah Muzaffar and her two children.


Where Could Samirah Muzaffar Today be? Samirah Muzaffar and two youngsters are blamed for killing her significant other, Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan, a long time back.

The threesome is associated with killing somebody on June 14, 2018, in a house in Mutiara Damansara, Selangor, endeavoring to cover it up by setting it ablaze. Be that as it may, every one of them argued not liable.

Albeit the underlying examination said that he died of a cell phone blast, after four months, a subsequent post-mortem showed that his passing was caused due to a dull power to his head. Moreover, the fire was additionally gotten up positioned conceal the homicide due to different unnatural conditions.

For example. the casualty’s room was locked from an external perspective as though somebody needed to secure him. There were sporadic consume designs in the room. There were sacks of firecrackers in the room also.

The HIgh court was set to give a decision working on this issue today, and there was an opportunities for the widow and two youngsters to be condemned if the indictment would construct an at first sight body of evidence against them.

In any case, the High Court vindicated Samirah Muzaffar and two youngsters on the charge of killing previous Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan. The court concluded that the indictment had neglected to construct an at first sight body of evidence against them, said Judge Datuk Ab Karim Ab Rahman.

Support Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan Murder Update Nazrin Hassan, the CEO of Cradle Fund. Support is an auxiliary of the Malaysian Finance Ministry that spotlights on creating business visionaries and the Malaysian startup environment. The office gave seed funding to new companies like Grab (previously MyTeksi), a ride-hailing pioneer, and iMoney, a monetary startup.

Just before Hari Raya and the last day of Ramadan, June 14, 2018, Nazrin Hassan died in a fire in his home. He was 45 years of age at that point. The reason for death was at first supposed to be a cell phone blast.

Moreover, on June 25, a scientific examination guaranteed that fuel marks were found on his cadaver, bed, and cellphone, provoking the case to be renamed as murder. In September, his better half, ex, and a few relatives were captured.

Throughout the time span, many individuals have been grilled, captured, and liberated. Be that as it may, the casualty’s significant other and two children from a past marriage are blamed for killing him. What’s more, presently the court has absolved them of the homicide as well.

Samirah Muzaffar Biodata As She Is Acquitted Of Murder-Where Are Her Sons? Samirah Muzzafar and her two children have been absolved of homicide. She functioned as Samirah Muzaffar, a Malaysian Intellectual Property Corporation senior leader, when she wedded Nazrin. They had one child yet lived with three stepchildren as well.

Samirah has two children from her past marriage who were additionally blamed for killing him. they were 13 and 16 years of age separately around then.