Where is Scottie Morris from? Search underway as missing teen is believed to be in danger

14-year-old Scottie Morris has been accounted for missing since Walk 16, 2023, and the Indiana police proceed widely researching his vanishing.

The Indiana Clearinghouse for Data on Missing Kids and Missing Imperiled Grown-ups gave a missing individual’s ready that referenced that Scottie Dignitary Morris was keep going seen in Eaton the evening of Walk 16, 2003, at 8.30 pm.


In the missing individual’s ready, Scottie is depicted as being 5 foot 4 inches tall, weighing around 150 pounds, with earthy colored hair and blue eyes. He was most recently seen in red and dark shorts matched with a white Shirt with composing on the front and dark shoes.

Scottie hails from Eaton, which is almost 75 miles upper east of Indianapolis, and a few stressed people from his old neighborhood are putting forth a valiant effort to find him.

On Walk 17, 2023, a statewide Silver Alarm was pronounced for Scottie Morris by the Eaton Indiana Police Office.

The Silver Alarm report makes reference to that Scottie is viewed as in “outrageous risk” and may require clinical consideration. The US Sun referenced that over the course of the end of the week, temperatures have dipped under freezing in Eaton, which has raised worries for examiners and search parties considering Scottie, who was last seen in a shirt and shorts, could be outside vulnerable.

An assertion by the Eaton Indiana Police Division specifies that Indiana’s Branch of Normal Assets used two of their boats to attempt to find Scottie in a close by stream. The police division additionally involved two infrared robots for an airborne hunt, and Award District conveyed two hound dog groups to assist with the ground search.

WRTV announced that many individuals elected to assist with the quest for Scottie Morris. Different police divisions, including the Delaware Province Sheriff’s Specialty, Muncie Police Office, and local groups of fire-fighters, alongside the director of Scottie’s school area, his head, and a few cohorts, met up to help.

On Facebook, the Eaton Indiana Police Division tended to Scottie Morris on the off chance that he went over the post and referenced that his security is their main concern.

A report by WRTV referenced that volunteers were approached to sift through sheds, lofts, deserted homes, and settlements, and authorities are following leads and directing meetings to track down more data about the case. In the report, Police Boss Jay Turner said:

WRTV additionally announced that a few workers drove from Post Wayne and Greenfield to help and support the hunt. Neighborhood chapels and organizations likewise helped by giving food, water, and breakfast for the workers.

That’s what MEAWW revealed despite the fact that authorities have not delivered many insights regarding Scottie’s vanishing, the last seen image of him in a white shirt had written by hand contemptuous and upsetting explanations like, “I’m a liar.” Many viewed that picture as belittling, while others considered Scottie’s folks dependable.

Eaton Indiana Police Division resolved the issue and posted an update referencing that the photograph was the only one given to the office and was put up to assist with finding Scottie at the earliest. The office additionally apologized and explained its aims.

MEAWW detailed that Scottie Morris’ folks have been distinguished as Felicia and Brian Morris. The report additionally referenced that it is at present dubious whether the continuous case includes kid misuse and no authority articulations have been made by the guardians.