Where Is Sherra Wright Today? ABC 2020 Takes A Look Back At Basketball Player Lorenzen Wright’s Murder

Sherra Wright is a Memphis, Tennessee-based creator (USA). Lorenzen Wright (NBA Player) used to be her significant other.

Mr. Wright, then again, died in Memphis on July 19, 2010. Sherra and a man named Bill Ray Turner have been blamed for killing him.


As per the authorities, one weapon was dropped in the Mississippi Lake. Lorenzen and Sherra were colleagues at a similar secondary school. She was enamored with Issac Hayes at that point (Singer).

She did, be that as it may, cut off her friendship with Hayes and start another one with Lorenzen. They wedded when they were youthful.

Where Could Sherra Wright Today be? Lorenzen Wright Wife As per the Tennessee Department of Corrections, Sherra Wright-Robinson is presently housed at the Debra K. Johnson Rehabilitation Center.

As per the site, she will be qualified for discharge on December 18, 2022, yet reports demonstrate that she won’t be delivered until some other time.

Under the watchful eye of her court appearance, Wright-Robinson acknowledged a supplication offer. She was condemned to 30 years in prison and would be qualified for parole subsequent to carrying out 30% of her punishment.

Since she had proactively served 20 months in jail before the condemning, she would be qualified for discharge in around nine years. As per CNN, she was given credit for the time she spent in the military.

Sherra Wright emergency Call On July 19, 2010, soon after 12 PM, a shot filled emergency call came into a Tennessee police division from the wireless of resigned NBA player Lorenzen Wright.

Investigator Paul Hagerman told a jury Tuesday that Wright was brought to a street close to a field by his ex and one more man blamed for killing him. The pop-pop of gunfire burst out via telephone as Wright’s call arrived at the police division in Germantown, a Memphis suburb.

Wright’s demise has become one of Memphis’ most notable homicide cases. On July 28, 2010, his decaying body was found in a damp field in east Memphis, filled with slug wounds, nine days after he called 911.

Hagerman brought up that Germantown police neglected to circle back to the premonition emergency call. As indicated by the examiner, on the off chance that they had, they would have found Wright’s body as well as proof left at the firing scene, including a handgun, projectile housings, and blood-stained security barrier.

Sherra Wright Pleaded Guilty To Charges Connected With Murder Sherra Wright conceded to charges connected with the homicide, yet she had recently denied any inclusion.

She even did video interviews for a show called Who Killed Lorenzen Wright, which can in any case be seen on YouTube.

When inquired as to whether she had a say in her significant other’s homicide on the show, she didn’t say “no,” rather picking an extended reaction.

When inquired as to whether she was engaged with the homicide, she said, “from the start.” “As a matter of some importance, I’m a spouse, then, at that point, a mother, lastly, I’m a creator.” Law requirement ought to do all that could be within reach to sort out who the executioner is.”

Billy Ray Turner has been blamed for intending to kill Lorenzen Wright close by Wright-Robinson. His preliminary, then again, won’t start until October 2020. Sherra Wright-Robinson, as per CNN, won’t affirm against him.