Where was Allyanna Hernandez found? Missing 12-year-old located two days after disappearance


Officials from the Tarrant Area Sheriff’s Office found 12-year-old Allyanna Hernandez on Monday, April 3, 2023, 48 hours after she was accounted for missing. As per the Sheriff’s Office, Allyanna was tracked down protected at a home in Tarrant Province, Texas, and got back to her mom. They likewise arrested a 19-year-old for the young lady’s vanishing.

Allyanna Hernandez was most recently seen around 12 PM on Saturday, April 1, 2023, along the 1600 block of St. Vincent Road in Gonzales, Texas. After the 12-year-old was accounted for missing on Monday, the Texas Division of Public Security gave a Golden Caution to find her.


The Golden Alarm portrayed Allyanna as five feet tall, weighing almost 90 pounds, with light hair and earthy colored eyes. She was supposedly wearing glasses, a white shirt, blue chime base pants, and white shoes.

Following Allyanna Hernandez’s vanishing, policing accepted that she was in grave or impending peril. Individuals were asked to call the Gonzales Police Division with any data on the little kid’s whereabouts.

After Allyanna was found, the Gonzales Inquirer detailed police Lt. Jason Montoya saying:

“Gonzales Police Division might want to thank the Texas Branch of Public Wellbeing Golden Ready Combination Community, Texas Officers, FBI, Gonzales Area Sheriff’s Office, Tarrant Region Sheriff’s Office, The Public Absent and Took advantage of Youngsters and Dallas Police Office for their help.”
He additionally offered thanks towards individuals who called with tips or assumed sightings of the young lady.

Allyanna Hernandez was tracked down inside the place of 19-year-old Guillermo Flores. Specialists accept that Allyanna left her home and later took off with Flores in his vehicle. He has been accused of holding onto a runaway.

Specialists are yet to decide Allyanna Hernandez’s relationship with the suspect.

The Golden Caution, which represents America’s Missing: Broadcast Crisis Reaction, was begun in 1996, as per the US Branch of Equity. Golden Cautions are enacted in the most serious youngster snatching cases to ask the local area to aid the quest for and safe recuperation of a missing kid. Golden Alarms are sent through radio, television, street signs, mobile phones, and different information empowered gadgets.

The authority site of Golden Alarm says that the framework is right now utilized in every one of the 50 states, including the Area of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and 27 different nations.

“The U.S. Division of Equity’s Office of Equity Projects has entrusted the Public Community for Missing and Took advantage of Youngsters with dealing with the Golden Ready Auxiliary Conveyance Program. At the point when policing a Golden Caution, NCMEC (Public Community for Absent and Took advantage of Youngsters) is informed and reallocates the alarm to the suitable auxiliary merchants.”

As per a December 2022 report, as of January 2, 2023, the Golden Alarm helped in the recuperation of 1127 kids the nation over. In the mean time, the remote crisis alarms helped in the recuperation of 131 youngsters.