Where was Buster Murdaugh during the murders? Alibi explored

As Alex Murdaugh was being sentenced for the homicide of his better half and child, authorities were supposedly researching Buster Murdaugh, the previous’ just enduring child.

On Walk 3, 2023, Alex, a shamed legal counselor, was indicted for the homicides that occurred on June 7, 2021. Alex’s better half Maggie and their child, Paul, were gunned somewhere near Alex at their Islandton property in South Carolina.


The shamed legal counselor at first guaranteed that the killings were committed by an outsider. Notwithstanding, specialists thought that he killed Maggie and Paul to redirect an examination concerning a line of monetary wrongdoings he had been ensnared in.

Alex guaranteed that he found the bodies after he got back from visiting his evil mother. In the mean time, Buster asserted that at the hour of the shooting, he was with his sweetheart at her home in Rock Slope, South Carolina.

Buster Murdaugh guaranteed that after the shootings, his dad called to illuminate him that their relatives had been killed. This incited Buster to drive back to their Islandton home.

Buster Murdaugh affirmed for his dad’s benefit, guaranteeing that he was more than 200 miles from the location of the shootings when he found his mom and brother had been killed.

Buster said that when his dad called him, he inquired as to whether he was plunking down, apparently to ensure he was ready to get the news.

During the declaration, a sad Buster said that his dad was upset upon the arrival of the homicide. The 26-year-old additionally said that he doesn’t completely accept that his kid father might have killed his own relatives.

As per the New York Post, a South Carolina lawyer and Murdaugh family companion, Joseph M. McCulloch Jr., portrayed Buster Murdaugh as a blameless survivor of the exciting case.

“No individual with a substance can’t feel compassion toward that young fellow. It’s simply been misfortune on top of misfortune for him. I don’t have the foggiest idea how anybody can endure that. I’m happy he has a sweetheart who appears to be so steady.”

Authorities have not delivered any substantial proof ensnaring Buster in the killings of his mom and brother. In any case, the Everyday Monster noticed that he had been connected to without a doubt two different passings. Buster was a suspect in the 2015 homicide of supposed previous sweetheart, Stephen Smith.

In February 2019, the late Paul Murdaugh was associated with having shakily worked a boat. This prompted a mishap that caused the passing of his companion Mallory Ocean side.

Albeit Buster was absent at the location of the crime, he was blamed for giving the phony that then-underage Paul used to buy liquor illicitly.

As of Walk 4, 2023, Buster Murdaugh has not formally been charged in any of the claims.