Where was Raven Yates found? Texas mom arrested over child abandonment


Raven Yates, a 31-year-old Texas mother blamed for leaving her two small kids for a considerable length of time without admittance to food and medication, was caught in Portable, Alabama, on Wednesday, Walk 8, 2023. Police revealed that she left her 12-year-old little girl and three-year-old child alone in their Texas home on September 28, 2022.

Specialists started searching for Raven Yates when one of her youngsters’ dad, who lived in California, announced her for kid disregard on November 14, 2022, in the wake of finding they had been all alone for almost two months.


Yates, who was tracked down residing with a man in a loft in Versatile, Alabama, purportedly undermined her little girl prior to going out. She said that her brother, who has an alternate natural dad, would be isolated from her assuming that others were involved. The danger prompted the 12-year-old girl to battle for her as well as her brother for a long time before her dad found that the kids were living with next to no grown-up oversight.

According to various reports, Raven Yates’ unwanted kids resided off of takeout for quite a long time before specialists discovered that they had been let be at their Texas home. At that point, Yates’ 12-year-old girl supposedly requested that her father submit rehashed food requests, dishonestly guaranteeing that their mom was burning the midnight oil.

After persistent solicitations for takeout food, the girl’s concerned dad found that their mom had deserted them and quickly told the Roman Backwoods Police Office prior to flying in from California. In a public statement, the Roman Backwoods Police division said:

“The dad promptly flew in from California where he had been working at that point. The dad had been educated that his kid’s mom had been found in Portable Alabama without her youngsters and acknowledged they were home alone in light of the fact that he had been approached by his girl to routinely send food.”
Not long after the examination, a capture warrant was given on December 8, 2022, for Yates on two counts of Leave Jeopardize Kid Without Purpose to Return.

90 days after the capture warrant was given, Raven Yates was arrested by the US Marshals Bay Coast Fierce Wrongdoer Outlaw Team, who were helping the nearby cops in finding Yates.

Stephen Carlisle, head of police in Roman Backwoods, Texas, told station KTRK that during the capture, Yates requested that specialists consent put on lipstick for the camera. Stephen Carlisle said:

“She was captured in binds with a full grin all over and apparently unbothered by the charges against her for purportedly jeopardizing her own youngsters.”
He added:

“I think [she] was playing for the camera. She needed to have a grin. She needed to look great. The capturing official allegedly said she got some information about putting lipstick on before the photograph was taken.”
Specialists said that the two youngsters have since been set under the watchful eye of their grandma in Alabama.