Where was Seven Kings Must Die shot? Filming locations of the Netflix movie explored

Seven Lords Should Die (extended to The Last Realm: Seven Rulers Should Die) is at present gushing on Netflix. It fills in as the following and last portion to Netflix’s television series, The Last Realm. The new contribution has likewise been taken from The Saxon Stories, a verifiable series comprising of 13 books, wrote by Bernard Cornwell. The novel is about Britain’s introduction to the world and is set in Bebbanburg (cutting edge Bamburgh), Northumbria’s realm.

Like the show, the film additionally stars German entertainer Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred of Bebbanburg. Helmed by Edward Bazalgette, Seven Rulers Should Die has an adjusted content by Martha Hillier.


Enduring 111 minutes, the Netflix film has big shoes to fill since The Last Realm (Program) ran pretty effectively north of seven years across five series.

The outline, as indicated by an authority note, peruses: “Following the passing of Ruler Edward, trespassers and opponent beneficiaries fight for the crown and Uhtred of Bebbanburg should experience by and by with his friends as they endeavor to shape a unified Britain.”
Creation for the Amusement park Movies supported highlight started a year ago. It was four months after the lead star and show’s co-chief maker Dreymon made a declaration about the full-length move at the London MCM Comic-Con in 2021.

According to the subtleties accessible, the film manages the Realm of Wessex and the Viking intrusion of Britain from 866 over an around 45-year time of history. So to keep the appearance of Seven Lords as true and medieval as could be expected, the group got back to Hungary.

The European nation flaunts north of 2,000 manors and castles and was likewise the essential shooting area for The Last Realm (television series). Other than being the spot for the film’s war zone and Mercia swamps successions, Budapest was likewise the recording spot for various inside arrangements including Winchester and Bebbanburgh. This likewise included waterfront areas.

Broad and definite sets mirroring the period displayed in the new film were underlying the Hungarian capital. Reports said a prop palace, addressing the fundamental palace of Winchester, was raised in Göböljárás, situated in Budapest West.

With respect to picking Hungary and not the UK as the key recording area, leader maker Nigel Marchant told RadioTimes.com:

“I think what Hungary brings to us is this feeling of other world. We don’t actually have the foggiest idea what Britain resembled quite a while back, so in spite of the fact that it’s not Britain and we shot it on the spot, it has this feeling of otherness to it that I’ve in every case truly delighted in.”
Aside from Seven Rulers Should Die, other Netflix creations like Shadow and Bone and The Crown, Nicolas Enclosure Pedro Pascal’s film The Deplorable Load of Huge Ability, and Midsommar were recorded in Hungary too.

The Bamburgh Palace in Northumberland, Britain was the other shooting spot for the film.

The genuine Bamburgh Palace, arranged in Northumberland, bent over as Uhtred’s Bebbanburgh home in the film. Reports said that the outside piece of the palace is displayed as the beyond Uhtred’s royal residence.

Strangely, in season 3 of the Netflix television series, a few fight scenes were shot in Bamburgh Ocean side, situated around the Palace. Downton Convent, the Harry Potter movies, and Robin Hood: Sovereign of Cheats were recorded in the insides of the authentic site as well.

The palace is promoted as one of the world’s most significant Old English Saxon archeological destinations.

Seven Rulers Should Die is right now spilling on Netflix