Where was Stephanie Morton last seen? Amber alert issued for missing 16-year-old Stanly County teen


On Thursday morning, 16-year-old Stanly Area high schooler Stephanie Morton disappeared after she supposedly took off with 30-year-old Duane Howard Bartlett. Officials expressed that while Morton might have left energetically with Bartlett, she is a minor, and subsequently the 30-year-old is a suspect in her vanishing.

She was most recently seen at 7:30 am at South Stanly Secondary School, when she was seen getting into a vehicle that supposedly has a place with Bartlett.


Right after the vanishing, Stanly District authorities gave a Golden caution. Stephanie Morton was portrayed as a white Caucasian female remaining at 5’4, 175 pounds, with red hair and blue eyes. The suspect, Duane Howard Bartlett, was portrayed by ABC as a white man driving a red traveler vehicle.

The Golden alarm, depicted by American authorities as a kid snatching crisis alert, is utilized when specialists accept a missing minor is jeopardized. It might just be executed once the kidnapping is affirmed.

While authorities didn’t unveil the idea of the connection between Stephanie Morton and Duane Howard Bartlett, the suspect seemed, by all accounts, to be known to the missing individual.

Be that as it may, because of Stephanie Morton’s age, she might be powerless against being hurt. Authorities have not uncovered any additional data about Duane Howard Bartlett, nor what his expectations might be for Stephanie Morton.

The Golden Ready framework is ordinarily utilized to spread data about missing cases, so individuals from the local area are offered the chance to warn specialists.

North Carolina authorities said that anybody with data on Stephanie Morton’s area ought to contact 911 or the SCSO at 704-986-3700.

As per Fix, Morton is one of around 327 people effectively missing in North Carolina. In 2021 alone, more than 337 missing minor cases were recorded at North Carolina police headquarters. The state comes 34th in missing people cases across America, a country that sees roughly 460,000 youngsters disappear a year.

As expressed by ABC, the quantity of missing youngsters might be considerably higher. In North Carolina alone, 12,000 understudies across the state are ‘unaccounted for’, implying that they are not signed up for any school. While this doesn’t be guaranteed to mean they are snatched, it intends that there is no authority record of their whereabouts or prosperity.

Pamela Story, a social laborer, made sense of the conditions behind the ‘unaccounted’ youngsters.

“Some have gone to work on the grounds that the economy as of now has experienced a plunge. So many of them have additionally taken on caretaking responsibilities regarding their folks. Some of them are self-taught. Furthermore, some of them are simply absent. Furthermore, we are giving our very best for move them regardless of whether they’re out of state.”