Who Are Alexis Lewis And Garrian King From Chattanooga? Arrested For McCallie Shooting Case


As per police, Alexis Lewis and Garrian King were captured in a mass shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in which three individuals were killed and 14 were harmed.

The occurrence happened close to a club on June fifth, and specialists accept numerous shooters were involved.


In the sworn statement, agents additionally uncovered that the suspects, Alexis and Garrian King, showed up at Mary’s in a similar vehicle.

Find out About Suspect: Who Are Alexis Lewis And Garrian King From Chattanooga? Alexis Lewis, 36, was accused of criminal manslaughter, careless risk, and ownership of a gun while perpetrating or endeavoring to lead a rough offense, as per Chattanooga Police.

More to court records, another man, Garrian King, was captured last week and accused of being a criminal possessing a gun. As per an oath, he was seen conveying a weapon on a security video.

The episode happened close to a club on June fifth, and specialists accept various shooters were involved.

As per Chattanooga Police Chief Celeste Murphy, 14 of the 17 losses were harmed by gunfire, while one more three were killed by vehicles while endeavoring to escape the region. Two of the three individuals killed were killed by discharge.

Is There A Third Arrest Made For Mass Shooting In Chattanooga? A third suspect in the McCallie Avenue shooting outside Mary’s Bar and Grill, which killed three individuals and harmed 14, has been captured by Chattanooga Police. Rodney Junior Harris, Jr., like Garrian King, is at present confronting a guns charge.

On Monday, they charged 36-year-old Alexis Lewis for really shooting shots he faces a criminal manslaughter accusation.

Specialists are checking out at a video of the shooting from a reconnaissance camera across the road. On the recording, we counted 66 rounds terminated in less than 13 seconds.

Following the shooting, 66 shell housings were found. Lewis is seen broadening his arm toward the terminating and a round packaging arriving on the ground, as indicated by police.

Alexis Lewis And Garrian King Mugshot And Jail Sentence For the heist, the appointed authority condemned Alexis Lewis and Garrian King to three years in government jail, with extra time suspended for ownership of a deadly weapon and pot for resale for an occurrence a half year earlier.

Lord is an individual from the Rollin 60’s Crips group, as is one of the others who were available at the hour of the shooting.

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