Who are Ben Binyamin and Gali Segal? Engaged couple released from hospital after both losing a leg at the music festival

Connected with couple Ben Binyamin and Gali Segal were set free from Hillel Yaffe Clinical Center in the wake of losing their legs
The strong couple, both 29 and 26 separately, figured out how to get by, notwithstanding the deficiency of their right legs
The couple was said goodbye with salutes, cheers, and tears from the committed clinical staff

A month subsequent to enduring a nerve racking occurrence at the live concert in Kibbutz Re’im, Ben Binyamin, 29, and Gali Segal, 26, were released from the Hillel Yaffe Clinical Center.


The versatile couple, both of whom lost a leg in the disastrous occasion, bid goodbye to the medical clinic staff, who had given steadfast consideration and backing during their recuperation. Their excursion toward restoration went on at the Sheba Clinical Center in Tel Hashomer, where they planned to adjust to their new reality.

Who are Ben Binyamin and Gali Segal?

During their visit at the Hillel Yaffe Clinical Center, Ben and Gali were kept in nearby beds, upheld by a merciful group that dealt with them like family. The genuine farewell from the clinical staff, complete with Israeli banners, melodies, and tears, mirrored the profound bond framed during their time at the medical clinic.

Gali’s mom, Orli Gedron, offered her thanks for the staff’s commitment, from the nursing group drove by Milena Abramov and Sara Badash to the specialists and advisors who gave steady consideration and consolation. All through their hospitalization, Ben and Gali regarded themselves as next to each other, drawing strength from one another’s immovable help.

From the committed nursing group drove by Milena Abramov and Sara Badash to the uplifting presence of Dr. Nurit Shadmi and Dr. Proverb Gurvitz, the couple tracked down comfort in the steadfast help and idealism of the clinical experts. The physiotherapy and word related treatment groups worked enthusiastically to give solace and devise techniques to slip the couple’s change into their new reality.

Thinking about their time at Hillel Yaffe, Gali and Ben stressed the significant effect the medical clinic staff had on their lives. They conveyed their genuine appreciation for the feeling of having a place and care they had encountered during their difficult excursion.

In spite of the misfortune they confronted, their steadfast soul and the merciful climate wrapping them have imparted trust for a promising future as they set out on the way to recovery. The tale of Ben and Gali remains as a demonstration of the force of versatility, empathy, and relentless help despite difficulty.