Who are Christopher, Chase, and Milani, children of Monique Samuels and Chris Samuels?

Christopher tries to be a modeler and building site proprietor
Milani shows interest in displaying, emulating her mom’s example
The kin share serious areas of strength for an and take part in exercises together

Monique Samuels and Chris Samuels, previous stars of the unscripted television show “Genuine Housewives of Potomac,” are guardians to three delightful kids: Christopher, Pursue, and Milani. These young people hold a unique spot in their folks’ hearts and give pleasure to their relational peculiarity.


Who is Christopher Samuels II?

Christopher, the oldest among the kin, has goals to turn into an engineer and building site proprietor. In spite of the fact that he keeps up with his own Instagram account, it is overseen by his mom, Monique. Christopher’s attractive looks and beguiling character radiate through the photos his mom offers, and he has earned a following of almost 2,000 individuals.

Close by his kin, Christopher appreciates participating in run of the mill kin exercises, from sharing dinners to sitting in front of the TV, showing a caring bond with his brother and sister.

As the caring more established brother, Christopher assumes on the liability of taking care of his more youthful kin, Pursue. He treasures the time enjoyed with Pursue and earnestly appreciates being a steady presence in his life. Their bond represents the caring connection between kin.

Who is Milani Samuels?

Milani, Monique and Chris’ little girl, shows a strong fascination with chasing after a vocation in demonstrating, which shocks no one thinking of her as mother’s experience in the business. Very much like her brother Christopher, Milani has her own Instagram account, oversaw by Monique, where her mom exhibits her normal excellence and ability.

With her mom’s direction, including hair and cosmetics, Milani displays the possibility to turn into an effective model from now on.

As the main little girl, Milani holds a unique spot in her dad’s heart. Chris values their bond and consistently goes with her during expressive dance practice. In any case, Milani isn’t simply an artist; she is likewise a contender by her own doing. She is learning self-protection and even practices karate, showing her assurance and strength.

Who is Pursue Samuels?

Pursue, the most youthful individual from the Samuels family, is his mom’s indisputable favorite. With his cute and adorable nature, Pursue easily wins the hearts of people around him. Like his more seasoned kin, Pursue has his own Instagram account, giving a brief look into his excursion, as his mom calls it. Regardless of his young age, Pursue as of now imparts an exceptional cling to his more established kin, taking part in energetic exercises at whatever point he’s not busy with common child schedules.

To finish up, Monique Samuels, a previous cast individual from “Genuine Housewives of Potomac,” and her significant other Chris have constructed an agreeable life for themselves with their three lovely kids. Christopher, Pursue, and Milani give pleasure, love, and exceptional characters to the Samuels family. Every kid has their own advantages and gifts, forming their singular processes.

As Monique and Chris explore their separation, their attention ought to stay on guaranteeing the prosperity and bliss of their kids, supporting them as they develop and seek after their fantasies.