Who Are Coi Leray’s Brothers and Sisters?

Coi Leray has five brothers, including Chavo, Kwame, Taj Raymond, Zino Antonio, and another brother whose character is obscure. Coi Leray is her folks’ solitary girl, implying that she has no sisters. Since making her melodic introduction on YouTube at 14 years old with the tunes Kneel and Rock Back, Coi Leray has proceeded to lay down a good foundation for herself as a capable vocalist and rapper with one studio collection, one EP, 47 singles, and 2 mixtapes, all as of mid 2023. Being the main female offspring of a family that has five male youngsters probably made growing up exceptionally fascinating. This has likewise made the possibility of getting to realize those male kin much seriously intriguing.

Coi Leray Has Five Kin Born Brittany Collins on May 11, 1997, the 25-year-old Coi Leray is one of six youngsters born to American television character, media owner, rapper, and record maker Benzino (genuine name: Raymond Leon Scott). In spite of the fact that, as of now, it is vital to uncover the way that the rapper had a portion of his kids with various ladies other than Leray’s mom.


The previously mentioned truth regardless, Coi Leray has five kin, some of whom are her half-kin.

It is likewise very pertinent to uncover the way that the Huddy vocalist’s all’s kin are male, a reality that recommends that she is the main female offspring of her folks.

1. Taj Raymond Collins Is Coi Leray’s Immediate Younger Brother

  • Date of birth: January 8, 2003
  • Age: 20 years old
  • Occupation: Athlete, Musician

2. Chavo Is One of Coi Leray’s Brothers

  • Date of birth: 1990s
  • Age: 33 years old
  • Occupation: Rapper

4. Zino Anthony Scott Is Coi Leray’s Youngest Sibling

  • Date of birth: November 10, 2015
  • Age: 7 years old
  • Occupation: Student

Coi Leray’s melodic vocation took off when she was only a youngster, and during her cutting edge years, she imparted the stage to one of her brothers. However not however well known as she seems to be nowadays, Leray’s brothers have been referenced in a few of her meetings, and are driving generally satisfying existences of their own.

Meet Coi Leray’s Brothers For our perusers, it’s just appropriate for us to examine exhaustively the personality of Coi’s brotherss, paying little heed to how restricted data about them is.

Taj Raymond Collins is Coi Leray’s quick more youthful brother. He was born on January 8, 2003, in Boston, Massachusetts, US. His introduction to the world sign is Capricorn, while the way that he was born in the US affirms his status as an American resident. Taj and Coi apparently share a similar dad, rapper, and media owner, Benzino.

His ethnic personality is Cape Verdean-Afro-Puerto Rican, which he relates to through his dad. A few at this point unconfirmed sources affirm that Coi Leray’s mom is Taj’s natural mother too. In the event that those reports are anything to go by, most would agree that Taj’s folks are presently not all together.

Taj Raymond is under six years more youthful than his more seasoned sister, Coi, however their age hole has not shown to be a boundary to the nature of relationship they have had throughout the long term. Before we investigate the said relationship, it is imperative to call attention to that subtleties of 20-year-old Taj’s formal instructive foundation still can’t seem to become public information.


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Taj Raymond Collins Is In The Music Business Beginning youthful is by all accounts a person quality Taj Raymond gathered from his more established sister, Coi Leray. Review that the artist began her music profession at 14 years old in 2011. Regardless, it is much more great that Taj continued in his dad and sister’s strides at an even early age.

He was around eight years of age when he teamed up with Coi Leray to drop their most memorable singles together Kneel and Rock Back on YouTube. After his association during the early years, Taj momentarily pulled back from the melodic stage and directed his concentration toward different interests. More specifically, his Twitter page, at one point demonstrated that he was currently a yearning athlete. Notwithstanding, he has since revived his enthusiasm for music and delivered the video to his track Dead Quiet, from his EP Craziness in late 2022.

He Has A Decent Connection With His Sister Nicknamed Tank, Taj Raymond Collins has an excellent relationship with his more established sister, and their affection for one another initiated way before they even recorded two melodies together. Their closeness was confirmed in their easy cooperative energy when they cooperated to deliver their initial two tunes.

Taj Collins’ relationship status is obscure at present because of his inclination for keeping his hidden live away from people in general.

Chavo, whose genuine name stays a secret to his loving fans, keeps a ton of subtleties of his own life away from the media and people in general, and this has likewise prompted restricted data in regards to his date of birth. By the by, the youthful performer has the vibes of somebody who was born at some point during the 1990s.

Other than the way that they share similar organic dad Benzino, we have not a chance of knowing who the more established kin is among Chavo and Coi Leray. Chavo was additionally born in Boston, Massachusetts, US, and is an American resident by birth.


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A few sources have revealed the way that he burned through a large portion of his early stages in Boston, however not many individuals know the degree of the proper training he needs to date.

Chavo’s Melodic Vocation Isn’t Quite so Progressed As Coi Leray’s Coi Leray’s fleeting ascent as a hip-jump star feels quite skeptical in the personalities of a few onlookers that she is Benzino’s best descendants in the music business. Nonetheless, the reality stays that Chavo isn’t too distant that respect.

His melodic capacities were sharpened while he was experiencing childhood in a melodic family, and apparently those capacities were perceived very early as well. While waxing melodious about his youngsters’ melodic accomplishments, Benzino guaranteed that Chavo had a record manage Interscope Record when he was only nine years of age.

Reality behind those cases presently can’t seem to be checked yet it affirms the genuine chance that Chavo began his melodic profession early on. As recently expressed, Chavo’s melodic profession fails to measure up to that of his main female kin, however the vocalist has demonstrated that he can stand his ground, to an extremely huge degree, in the music business.

At present endorsed to rapper/maker Pierre Bourne’s Sosshouse Name alongside specialists like Sharc, Chavo delivered the single Michigan in mid 2020. Critical proof focuses to the way that the melody was a hit in light of the fact that the response to that piece of melodic creation was downright noteworthy, especially in acquiring than 10 million streams on Spotify alone.

Chavo likewise appears to know how to use individual connections to propel his vocation as a performer. To find proof of this, one would need to look no farther than his current relationship with Sosshouse Name boss, Bourne, who he has known since they initially met in 2015 when the previous was a studio engineer.

The bond they fostered such an extremely long time prior was instrumental in assisting Chavo with making Michigan, a piece of melodic workmanship that has since turned into his calling card.

Chavo’s Relationship With Coi Leray Is Similarly Motivating Without a doubt, still the longshot between the hip-jump power kin, Chavo, and his sister, Coi Leray have never permitted desire or the way that the last option has needed to manage the battles of being in a male-overwhelmed industry to divide them as kin.

Distance is one more scaffold they have effectively explored on their excursion to partaking in a healthy relationship as kin. Chavo is fundamentally situated in Atlanta while Coi Leray became well known in Chicago. By the by, the kin actually figure out how to meet sometimes to stir up the family bond that joins the two of them.

They have had the option to connect the distance made by having vocations in various pieces of the nation by meeting up to chip away at melodic ventures. Coi Leray was highlighted in Chavo’s single American Shop in the fall of 2020 while the rapper was likewise essentially included in a portion of the melodies on his sister’s only collection to date.


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Subtleties of Chavo’s own life are obscure right now, a reality that has made it very testing to decide if he is in a close connection or not.

3. Kwame Scott Was Born A Couple of Years Before Coi Leray Kwame Scott is one of Coi Leray’s less popular kin for various reasons. Before we get into those reasons however, it is vital to bring up the way that regardless of not being precisely sure about his date and spot of birth, a few sources have affirmed that he is a couple of years more seasoned than the rapper, despite the fact that we still can’t seem to determine by how much.

Being a child to Benzino and a sister to Coi Leray gives Kwame the hereditary support to qualify as a US resident. Attributable to the way that he gets no consideration from the media, we can’t figure out whether Coi’s introduction to the world mother, whose character stays obscure, is additionally his introduction to the world mother.

Kwame Scott Invested Some Energy In Jail In August 2020, Coi Leray let the media and the world in on the way that her brother had invested some energy in prison. She didn’t precisely approach giving meetings about it, as that would have been youthful, rather she did that by inviting him back to the world through her web-based entertainment stages.

It is yet hazy the wrongdoing Kwame carried out that justified him investing a vague measure of energy in prison, yet Coi showed her commitment to her brother by commending his getting back to ordinary society.

There isn’t a lot of in that frame of mind of realizing how close the kin are, yet deciding by her post reporting his re-visitation of society from jail and the manner in which she acts towards her different kin, it’s sort of hard imagining the Presently not Mine singer not having a more than welcoming relationship with her more established brother who was denied of family friendship over the course of the time he spent in jail.

Like practically any remaining parts of his reality, Kwame Scott’s ongoing type of revenue is obscure, and that shortage of information reaches out to his heartfelt connections.

We have laid out the way that Coi Leray’s mom is an obscure previous barkeep who has lived the greater part of her life away from the perspective on the general population, Zino’s mom, Althea Heart, then again, is a notable unscripted television