Who Are Emily Compagno’s Sisters?

Emily Rose Compagno has two more seasoned sisters named Natalie Compagno and Julietta Compagno Skoog. Every one of the three ladies are excellently fruitful in their own privileges, yet Emily’s acclaim has to some degree eclipsed that of her sisters. The ‘Dwarfed’ co-host and her two sisters ae he girls of Katherine Bertsch and John Compagno.

While Emily took to the media business, her sisters have tracked down satisfaction in different regions. Here is all that you want to be aware of Natalie and Julietta.


Julietta Compagno is the primary youngster and girl of little girl of Katherine Compagno (née Bertsch) and John Compagno. Despite the fact that her accurate date of birth has not been uncovered, she is accepted to be matured somewhere in the range of 46 and 50 years of age, as she was born during the seventies in Oakland, California, USA.

Meet Julietta Compagno 

  • Full Name: Julietta Compagno Skoog
  • Occupation: Parent Advisor, Counselor, and Cofounder of Sproutable
  • Parents’ Names: Katherine Bertsch (Mother) and John Compagno (Father)

Meet Emily’s Second Sister, Natalie Compagno

  • Occupation: Actress
  • Parents’ Name: Katherine Bertsch (Mother) and John Compagno (Father)


Her mom is of English, Bohemian, and Baden-Wurttemberg drop while her dad, John, is of Sicilian plunge. This implies that Julietta has a blended nationality.

She is American by ethnicity and a Christian very much like her folks. Her zodiac sign isn’t accessible as a result of the inaccessibility of data about when she was born.

Julietta Compagno is an Ensured Kid Therapist Julietta Compagno grew up with her two more youthful sisters in California. This is additionally where she went to center and secondary school prior to proceeding with her advanced degree at Seattle College. What she studied in school isn’t clear, however it seems she embraced some type of concentrate in human brain research.

At present, Julietta is a guaranteed positive discipline progressed coach and parent consultant.

She has been in the training for a long time and has north of 15 years of involvement showing understudies in Seattle government funded schools. She is prepared to deal with mentally unbalanced youngsters, kids with early improvement issues, and youngsters with learning inabilities, nervousness, and other conduct problems. Emily Compagno’s most established sister is likewise knowledgeable in driving companionship gatherings. She shows study hall illustrations with an emphasis on certain discipline, social reasoning, and care.

After numerous long periods of being a confirmed youngster clinician, Julietta chose to remove her insight from the study hall to contact more individuals. In organization with a lady named Alanna Beebe, she established a web based learning stage for guardians called Sproutable in 2016. The site was worked to give instructive recordings as well as examination based content to help guardians with small kids explore their youngsters’ initial achievements.

She is Hitched to Jon Skoog Despite the fact that she has without a doubt accomplished much for herself through her profession, Julietta Compagno likewise saw the need to take up some kind of hobby accomplice. She got hitched in 2008 to a man named Jon Skoog.


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There is very little had some significant awareness of Jon and that incorporates the way that he is an educator at Coastline Government funded Schools, in Seattle, Washington.

He gives off an impression of being very dedicated to his significant other. Several has been hitched for more than 14 years at this point forever.

Their marriage has delivered two little girls — Josephine Harper and Violet Avery Skoog.

Where could Julietta Skoog Presently be? Julietta is extremely big on family, thus she is completely dedicated to her loved ones.

Since the send off of Sproutables, she has had the option to dedicate much additional opportunity to her home while as yet helping individuals.

She is modestly dynamic via online entertainment and her Facebook profile is Julietta Skoog. On Instagram, her handle is @juliettaskoog while her Twitter page is @skoogqae.

You can likewise arrive at Julietta through her site on www.julietta skoog.com. The profession spouse and mother is supposed to be worth almost $400,000 starting around 2023. Her income come generally from her work as a kid clinician/specialist, her web-based business, coordinated nurturing classes, power studios, confidential instructing, and instructor preparing.

Natalie Compagno is an American entertainer most popular for films like Accursed (2006), Hollywood (2006), and The Complex (2002). Natalie was born in El Cerrito, California, to Katherine and John Compagno. She is of Caucasian drop yet her nationality is blended. She is in all probability matured somewhere close to 40 and 42 years of age. Her date of birth is right now obscure.

Natalie Compagno grew up with her two sisters, Emily and Julietta Compagno Skoog, in California where she likewise accepted her secondary school and center school training. Data about her advanced degree is additionally dark, however she is said to have graduated in 1994.

There is an exceptionally high chance that she studied something firmly connected with her affection for human expression. Since early on, Natalie Compagno had forever been energetic about performing. To this end her choice to go into Hollywood wasn’t was business as usual in any way.

She is an Entertainer and Expert Explorer Natalie started her profession in the mid 2000s. Her acting presentation saw her assume the part of Julie in the heartfelt show series ‘The Youthful and the Anxious’. She is likewise an explorer and has ventured out to in excess of 85 nations in under 10 years.

Her movement encounters are depicted with itemized accuracy in her articles on Huffington Post and PeterGreenberg. As of now, Natalie Compagno functions as a book shop proprietor at an organization called Explorer’s Cabinet, situated in Los Angeles. Her total assets is assessed to be somewhere in the range of $200k and $400k starting around 2023.


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Natalie Compagno is Right now Hitched to Greg Freitas Natalie Compagno is hitched to an American film entertainer named Greg Freitas. Despite the fact that they haven’t precisely been approaching about how and when they met, almost certainly, it occurred throughout their film work. The couple got taken part in a four-star inn in Nicaragua called Morgan’s Stone, where they had gone for get-away. They later tied the marital bunch in an extremely confidential wedding function within the sight of just dear companions and family members.

Like her sister, Julietta, Natalie’s marriage has delivered two girls too. In any case, because of reasons most popular to them, she and her better half have decided not to uncover their youngsters’ characters yet. Natalie and her family live in Greenwood, in the Focal Region of Seattle, Washington.

Emily Compagno’s Sisters are an Affectionate Pack From the abovementioned, there is no question that the Compagno sisters carry on with altogether different lives.

This in any case, they are clearly fruitful, each by their own doing. Much more recognizable is the way that they are not frequently in one another’s circles.

Questions with respect to how close they are generally come from the way that Emily barely posts about her family on her Instagram handle. Nonetheless, the three are very close despite the fact that they don’t show it via virtual entertainment.