Who are George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley? Details explored ahead of WHAM! on Netflix

WHAM! is an exceptionally expected and inspiring narrative by Chris Smith that is good to go to make its appearance solely on Netflix on July 5, 2023. It will annal the rousing excursion of the much-celebrated nominal English pop pair from the ’80s. The team, containing George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, was shaped in 1981 in Bushey.

The concise depiction for the narrative, given by Netflix, peruses: Since the authority trailer for the narrative was dropped by Netflix, watchers have additionally been very inquisitive to find out about the adored team.


George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley became one of the most economically effective and notable popular music acts during the 1980s. They proceeded to sell more than 30 million confirmed records overall from 1982 to 1986. Ridgeley and Michael met without precedent for Bushey at Bushey Meads School, close to the Hertfordshire town of Watford.

At first, the two pop specialists were individuals from an exceptionally brief ska band, named The Leader. The band likewise had a few different individuals who were the couple’s previous classmates, including Andrew Leaver, David (Austin) Mortimer, Tony Bywaters, Paul Ridgeley and Harry Tadayon. In any case, the band before long split, and from there on, Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael proceeded to shape Wham!

“Something that caught the quintessence of what put us aside — our energy and our fellowship — and afterward it came to us: Wham! Wham! was smart, quick, fun and disorderly as well.”

The pair introduced themselves as repelled youth. They were exceptionally affected by soul and funk music also. Their presentation collection, delivered in 1983, was named Awesome.

The collection perceived and shed light upon the issues of joblessness in the Assembled Realm and furthermore youngster dread over adulthood. Their most memorable collection was a hit, however their second studio collection named, Become showbiz royalty, which was sent off in 1984, turned into a gigantic pop hit around the world, diagramming at the main spot, both in the US and the UK.

In 1985, the pair proceeded to make a very promoted visit to China, that endured a sum of ten days. It was the very first visit to China by any pop Western gathering. The band’s visit helped in fostering a well disposed two-sided connection between the West and China.

In any case, in 1986, the team separated. Perhaps of the biggest explanation for this was Michael’s strong fascination with making music for additional complex grown-up audience members instead of their prime high school audience members. Prior to heading out in different directions, the team gave their audience a goodbye single named, The Edge of Paradise, and a collection, The Last. Michael and Ridgeley likewise performed at a goodbye show, The Last, just prior to heading out in a different direction.

Ridgeley is at present 60 years old, living in Wadebridge, Cornwall. Nonetheless, George Michael unfortunately died in 2016, at 53 years old.

Remember to watch WHAM!, which will make a big appearance on July 5, 2023, solely on Netflix.