Who Are James William Awad Parents? His Net Worth And Fortune Revealed

James William Awad is an eminent Canadian artist. He is likewise a business visionary since he is the originator and leader of decentralized business, TripleOne.

Awad is most popular for his tunes including Sun Girl, Baby, On Our Own, Memories, etc. He was enthusiastic with regards to music since early on which is the reason he sought after a profession in music.


James is right now in the hopeless train wreck for the Sunwing party debate. Allow us to discover what’s genuinely going on with the discord.

Who Is James William Awad? James William Awad is a notable artist and business person from Canada.

He goes by the moniker of Senior in the music business. Plus, he is the organizer and leader of decentralized idea base private gathering, TripleOne.

William is known for his remarkable melodies like Elevate, Run, etc. He frequently transfers his manifestations to Spotify, YouTube, and other virtual stages.

At this point, Awad is standing out as truly newsworthy for the Sunwing party which he coordinated for other powerhouses on New Year’s night before 2022.

Meet James William Awad Parents James William Awad, matured 28, was reared by his astonishing Canadian guardians.

He has not revealed insight into the character of his people. However, he appears to come from a well-off and wealthy family foundation.

James William Awad Net Worth And Fortune Revealed

Money manager James William Awad has an expected total assets of $20M to $22M.

His exact fortune can not be pinpointed. Be that as it may, he has an incredible riches and he partakes in an extravagant life in Los Angeles, California.

James has acquired such a gigantic total from his profession as an artist, business person, and online media star. He likewise produces pay from sponsorships and supports.

James William Awad Sunwing Controversy Explained

James William Awad took his club individuals to Cancun to observe New Year 2022.

They loaded onto the trip to Mexico on 30 December. Just individuals with negative Covid-19 test had the option to fly so he gave all the test reports too.

Every so often after James and his associates arrived in Cancun, photographs of maskless individuals having drinks circulated around the web. It started worldwide shock and individuals condemned them.

According to CBC, William then, at that point, emerged to general society and uncovered that the aircrafts urged them to unwind and become inebriated. Following that, the carriers declined him and his group to fly back to Montreal.

Sunwing carriers uncovered that Awad didn’t acknowledge their agreements which he had acknowledged. Likewise, different carriers like Air Canada and Air Transat didn’t fly them home.

After such burden given by the carriers, Awad is thinking about making a legitimate move against Sunwing and different aircrafts.

Meet James William Awad On Instagram James William Awad is available on friendly locales like Instagram.

He shows up as @senior and has acquired over 1M devotees up to this point. He regularly shares his expert pictures by means of his record.

Aside from that, Awad is additionally dynamic on YouTube, Twitter, and different stages.