Who Are Jane De Leon Parents? Meet Her Father Ruel And Mother Maricor

Jane De Leon is an entertainer, artist, and model born to her dad, Ruel Florencio De Leon, and her mom, Maricor Benitez De Leon.

The entertainer is hummed with energy to depict the well known superhuman of Philipines, Darna. The capable entertainer, Lana, assuming the favored part of Darna, has made individuals approached, giving her gestures of recognition and esteem.


The guardians of Lana are very glad to observe the achievement and loftiness that their little girl has gotten. Also, she is similarly fortunate to have backing and love from guardians.

Who Are Jane De Leon’s Parents? Meet Her Father, Ruel, And Mother, Maricor.

The gifted entertainer Jane De Leon was raised by her caring dad, Ruel Florencio de Leon, and her strong mother, Maricor Hearty Benitez-De Leon.

Lana is the most youthful in her family, with five kin, four being her half-kin on her dad’s side. Her half-kin incorporate Karen, Carol, Kirox, and Ned. Jane is really close with her family and likes to invest energy with her kin. Her brother Francis is wardrobe to her, and she thinks of him as her first point of contact. The brother-sister pair shares a rugged bond.

Ruel adored every one of his youngsters and upheld all their choices until the end. Be that as it may, her dad lost his fight with cellular breakdown in the lungs in 2016, abandoning his loved ones. Jane was profoundly impacted by her dad’s passing, and on the event of father’s day in 202, she got serious about her dad and her sentiments towards him on an Instagram post.

She uncovered that she misses her dad a great deal and how it is troublesome not to have him around. She additionally appeared to be discouraged that she was unable to impart her prosperity and appreciate exercises to her dad. She thought back their fishing and holding minutes and how she wished to have him with her and her loved ones. Finally, she appealed to God for her dad to constantly guide and watch over her.

Lana is likewise extremely close with her mom. Maricor has made a remarkable showing of bringing up her youngsters. Lana makes reference to that her mom has directed her life, helping her to be free areas of strength for and recognizing her self-esteem. Maricor is a sacrificial lady who pushes every one of her kids toward better light and urges them to be better individuals.

The two guardians were severe in her life as a youngster, as is many times found in Filipino childhood. The entertainer slipped that she frequently used to sneak to play outside behind her folks because of severe principles in her family. Notwithstanding the severe climate in her family, both her parent used to give her children warmth in their ways. Her dad, when alive, had set the practice of cooking himself on Christmas eve. The family would assemble around the table to taste his special dishes.

What Is The Ethnicity Of Lana De Leon? Is it safe to say that she is Filipino? Lana De Leon has a place with the Filipino nationality. She was born in Quezon City, Philipines.

She acquired her essential and optional schooling in Philipines. Sampaguita Elementary School and San Roque Elementary School filled in as Jane’s foundations of essential training. She went to Sampaguita Village National High School for her auxiliary studies.