Who are Jemma Keys, Joshua Keys, Richard Key’s children?

Richard Keys wedded his most memorable spouse, Julia, in 1982, and the couple had two youngsters, Jemma and Joshua Richard
Julie separated in 2016 attributable to Richard’s betrayal
In 2023, Richard wedded Lucie Rose, a companion of his girl

Richard Keys wedded Lucie Rose, his girl’s companion, seven years after his ex of 34 years purportedly found their sentiment when she was fighting malignant growth.


The previous Sky Sports telecaster, 66, was shot trading promises with Lucie Rose, 32 years his more youthful. A wedding visitor posted a photograph of Richard and Lucie toward the finish of the walkway.

Who are Jemma Keys, Joshua Keys?

Jemma and Joshua Keys are previous Sky Sports telecaster Richard Key and Julia’s kids.

Richard Keys wedded his most memorable spouse, Julia, in 1982, and the couple had two kids. Julia sought legal separation in 2016 due to supposed infidelity. Julia was doing combating malignant growth during the detachment.

Richard Keys wedded Lucie Rose in July 2023. Rose was supposedly a previous companion of Jemma.

In the wedding photographs, Keys is wearing a dim suit with a dull dark tie, while legal counselor Rose, who was companions with Richard’s girl Jemma, is wearing a white marriage outfit with a wide skirt and extended cloak.

The couple wedded in an outside service before a sun-soaked waterway with boats floating across, and the area is believed to be Devon.

Jemma was not apparent in any of the wedding pictures posted on the web, and it is obscure on the off chance that she joined in. After the supposed issue was uncovered, Jemma and her dad dropped out, diving the ex-Hollyoaks star into the profundities of her liquor addiction.

During a drunkard power outage, Jemma sent cruel messages to her close buddy Lucie, which brought about her capture and badgering charge. Be that as it may, the case was subsequently excused by the CPS.