Who are Khazar Momeni and Dino Elyassnia? All about the couple linked in murder probe of Bob Lee

As of late delivered court archives have uncovered that CashApp pioneer Sway Lee was lethally cut by IT advisor Nima Momeni after the pair quarreled over the last’s sister Khazar Momeni. The suspect apparently examined the killed concerning whether he was doing “anything improper” with Khazar, who is hitched to plastic specialist Dr Dino Elyassnia.

As per legitimate documents, the killing of Bounce Lee was “arranged and purposeful” after Nima Momeni drove the previous to a confined region in San Francisco in the early long stretches of April fourth and continued to cut him in the heart multiple times. This comes a day after the pair went through the night along with Khazar and another anonymous observer. It was uncovered that the observer found Nima and Bounce having a discussion about whether Weave Lee “was taking medications or anything improper.”

The observer let the police know that they were muddled about whether Weave Lee and Khazar Momeni shared an “close connection.” This comes after Sway Lee guaranteed Nima Momeni that nothing was going on between the two.

It was additionally found that Khazar Momeni messaged Sway Lee around the hour of his passing to keep an eye on it. She kept in touch with him:

Khazar Momeni unveiled her most memorable appearance in the San Francisco court close by her better half Dr Dina Elyassnia. The pair were encircled by journalists and picture takers. Neither addressed the columnists with the exception of the last option saying “no remark” momentarily.

Albeit not much is been aware of her expert life, Iranian American restaurateur Hoss Zaré, the proprietor of the Fly Snare café, uncovered in a meeting that she used to frequently visit the diner with her companions for an evening out on the town and would clearly send her commendations to the cook. Zaré said:

A man who met the lady being referred to through a dating application in 2019 likewise told The San Francisco Standard in a meeting that she and her brother were “exceptionally great, very friendly individuals.”

Khazar wedded Dr. Dino in 2013. The last option is of Assyrian and Armenian heritage. He lived in Iran and Elyassnia before his family moved to the US. He proceeded to experience childhood in California and go to the College of South California Clinical School, where he would graduate with a degree in superficial medical procedure.

Dr Dino Elyassnia presently works at the Marten Center of Plastic Medical procedure. He is most popular for his work in rhinoplasty. In any case, he purportedly charges his clients a weighty cost. A secretary from the center has uncovered that nose occupations at the facility start at $18,000.

Right now, Nima Momemi is confronting a sentence of 26 years to life in jail whenever sentenced. He is set to be charged on April 25.

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