Who Are Lito Lapid And Michelle Ortega? Ysabel Ortega Parents, Family Ethnicity And Net Worth

In this article, take a gander at Ysabel Ortega’s folks, Lito Lapid And Michelle Ortega, and figure out some extra data about them.

Ysabel Ortega is a notable TV Entertainer and business model. She made her TV debut On the Wings of Affection in 2015 and was endorsed to the organization Star Wizardry.


Ortega has featured in various shows, for example, What We Could Be and Pusong Ligaw, and is set to join the cast of the 2023 series Voltes V: Heritage.

In 2019, she did the change to GMA Organization. She is the little girl of well known Filipino Entertainer Lito Lapid and Michelle Ortega.

Maria Ysabel Ortega Lapid was born on January 25, 1999. Her parent’s name are Lito Lapid And Michelle Ortega.

Manuel ‘Lito’ Mercado Lapid is a previous Entertainer and legislator, having filled in as a Representative of the Philippines in his vocation.

In 1995, he was chosen Lead representative, having recently had accomplishment as an activity film star during the ’80s.

After the emission of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991, Lapid was at the very front of catastrophe aid ventures in Focal Luzon.

He is presently attempting to move well known perspectives from mendicancy and constant reliance to self improvement through local area coordinating, job age, and advancement programs while handling issues at the grassroots and Pampanga social networks.

Ysabel has five kin: Mark Lapid, Maynard Lapid, Maan Krista Lapid, and Mitzi Karen Lapid. Discussing Ysabel’s schooling, She went to the College of Asia and the Pacific.

Born in Porac, Pampanga, Manuel Mercado Lapid is the fifth offspring of nine offspring of Eleuteria Mercado and Jose Songco Lapid.

In 1968, he moved on from Porac Focal School, and after four years, he completed his optional training at Porac’s St. Catherine’s Institute.

Mark Tadeo Lapid was born on February 16, 1980. He is a prestigious Entertainer and legislator from the Philippines.

During his experience as Legislative leader of Pampanga (2004-2007), President Gloria Arroyo designated him as Senior supervisor of the Philippine The travel industry Expert in 2008.

Consequently, he became Head Working Official of the Travel industry Framework and Venture Zone Authority (TIEZA) under President Benigno Aquino III from 2009 to 2016.

Ysabel Ortega has had a fruitful profession in the acting business. Since the beginning, it was clear that she was focused on this calling, as exhibited by her virtual entertainment accounts.
Her persistent effort has paid off, with an expected total assets of $1.5 million. Ortega’s energy and commitment to her specialty have empowered her to gather such an enormous fortune.

Ysabel Ortega previously made her presentation as the primary bad guy in the series Born for You. She then, at that point, assumed supporting parts in On the Wings of Affection, Maalaala Mo Kaya, and numerous others.

Her most famous job to date was the point at which she played Charlotte “Charlie” in Pusong Ligaw, where she procured acknowledgment for her contemptible and fixated character. Also, Ortega was found in another Maalaala Mo Kaya episode.

In the long run, she became one of the fundamental cast individuals from Araw Gabi as Nica Marcelo. In 2019, Ortega moved to GMA Organization.