Who Are Loh Kean Yew’s Parents? Learn About Loh Pin Keat And Grace Gan’s Family

Loh Kean Yew is the minor offspring of his folks, Loh Pin Keat and Grace Gan. He has three kin who are senior than him.

Loh is a badminton player who plays for Singapore. Loh was born on the 26th of June, 1997, in Penang, Malaysia. He is an extremely talented player who has won the men’s singles title holder at the 2021 BWF World Championships.


Kean made his worldwide introduction for Singapore at the 2015 Southeast Asian Games. He turned into a resident of Singapore around the same time, and from that point forward, he has addressed the country on numerous stages, including the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Age 25 years old
Country Singapore
Date of Birth 26 June 1997
Place of Birth Penang, Malaysia
Height 5 ft 9 in
Religion Christian
Ethnicity Chinese

The badminton player has acquired the 2020 Meritorious Award from the Singapore National Olympic Committee and furthermore won The Straits Times Athlete of the Year Award in 2021 and 2022.

Badminton: Who Are Loh Kean Yew’s Parents: Loh Pin Keat And Grace Gan? Loh Kean Yew is a badminton player born to his caring guardians, Loh Pin Keat and Grace Gan, in Penang, Malaysia. He is the most youthful youngster and has three more seasoned brothers.

As per Kean’s mom, he was an extremely brazen person when he was in his more youthful days and could converse with anybody and escape any difficulty he was confronting. He is a skilled individual who has had the option to make his family pleased with all his prosperity.

Yew began playing badminton when he was just four years of age. He used to play the game with his kin and his neighbors. Afterward, when he was seven years of age, he quit playing badminton after his seniors harassed him. He again started to play the game when he was nine years of age.

Loh Kean Yew’s Ethnicity And Nationality Loh Kean Yew has a place with the Chinese identity, and his ethnicity is Singaporean. He was born in Penang, Malaysia, and moved to Singapore when he was thirteen.

Kean initially is of the Chinese ethnic gathering. His precursors were from China; his mom and father later moved to Malaysia and had him. He is an exceptionally effective competitor with three brothers named Loh Kean Chye, Loh Kean Hean, and Loh Kean Wei.

Moreover, the competitor went for brief preparation in the Penang Badminton Association till he was 23 years of age. He additionally had two Chinese mentors train him, Li Mu and Chao Yue. Kean had an opportunity to visit Singapore in 2007 interestingly.

He went with his brother and went to the Singapore Sports School. Afterward, he moved to Singapore subsequent to getting presented by the school.

Badminton Player Loh Kean Yew’s Religion The badminton player Loh Kean Yew has a place with the Christian religion. He is extremely committed to his God, Jesus Christ. The three principal Christian religions are the Catholic Church, Protestantism, and Eastern Orthodox. Be that as it may, it is muddled which one the badminton player has a place with.

Loh’s confidence causes them to accept that there is just a single God, and he is the person who made the sky and the earth. His conviction thinks about three sections: the dad (God), the child (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit.

The competitor’s conviction is perhaps of the biggest religion on the planet. 2.8 billion individuals follow it, and 33% of the worldwide populace has a place with this religion. They follow Jesus Christ and accept that he is the Son of God.