Who Are Robert Golding Denis Truma And Why Are They Jailed? Men Arrested For Smuggling


For having almost a kilo of opiates, money, and 22 pot plants, two men Robert Golding and Denis Truma have been condemned to over seven years in jail.

Robert Golding and Denis Truma are the two men who have been captured for pirating. Last September 23, officials from Essex Police’s Operational Support Group halted Denis Truma on the A1013 Stanford Road in Grays. Officials then halted Robert Golding in a neighborhood bar parking area.


Moreover, officials found a transporter sack in the front footwell of Golding’s vehicle containing a kilo and a half block of cocaine, which was consequently checked as cocaine, and he was kept on doubt of medication ownership with purpose to supply.

Captured: Who Are Robert Golding And Denis Truma? Robert Golding and Denis Truma are captured for pirating drugs.

Robert Golding is a man from Orwell, East Tilbury, who was accused of cocaine ownership with aim to supply and be engaged with pot producing. Additionally, Denis Truma, of Sewell Close, Chafford Hundred, then again, was accused of being stressed over giving cocaine as well as having unlawful products.

Besides, the officials found 22 marijuana plants in an external construction at Golding’s location during a hunt. Following a pursuit of Trump’s vehicle, criminal investigators kept him on doubt of being worried about the inventory of Class An opiates, and specialists held onto two of his cellphones.

Robert Golding And Denis Truma Age And Net Worth Revealed From one viewpoint, Robert Golding is presently at 45 years old years old, while, then again, Denis Truma is right at 28 years old years old. Robert Golding and Denis Truma’s total assets is assessed to be near $ 100,000 USD to $ 500,000 USD.

In any case, Robert and Denis’ genuine total assets has not been uncovered at this point. What’s more, officials researched Truma’s home and found a significant amount of cash reserved in a shoe box, accepted to be worth £35,000.

Robert Golding And Denis Truma Case Details Denis Truma was condemned to three years and ten months in jail for being stressed over drug supply and seven months in jail (simultaneously) for ownership of unlawful merchandise.

Robert Golding was condemned to three years and four months in jail for having pot with the reason to sell it and four months (simultaneously) for being engaged with its assembling.

The two men were remanded in prison until September 25, 2021, when they will show up at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court. Both confessed to the charges, and they were all condemned at Basildon Crown Court on Friday, June tenth.