Who Are Sheila And Clay Fletcher, Are They Arrested? Lacey Fletcher Parents Details


Sheila And Clay Fletcher are the guardians of a 36-year-elderly person Lacey Fletcher who died due to clinical disregard. They will confront a fantastic jury on 2 May 2022.

Sheila And Clay Fletcher are the alleged regarded couple from Louisiana who disregarded their sick little girl for an obscure timeframe.


Mud and Sheila’s little girl, Lacey died in January of 2022. In any case, according to the condition that she was in, it appeared to be that they had abandoned her quite some time in the past.

Sheila called the 911 dispatcher on 3 January subsequent to finding Lacey’s inert body. The police delegates arrived at the area and they smelled a solid odor.

After observing the body, they were stunned since Lacey was encircled by her own waste. They recorded Lacey’s demise as a murder and refered to her passing reason as clinical disregard.

Who Are Sheila And Clay Fletcher, Are They Arrested? Sheila And Clay Fletcher are the guardians of Lacey Fletcher who was seen as dead canvassed in her own pee and dung.

They are viewed as a very much regarded family from Louisiana. Nonetheless, after their youngster’s demise approached, they are being condemned by the netizens for their disregard.

Sheila filled in as a colleague to the city examiner in Zachary and a butcher authority to the Board of Alderman. She recently functioned as a cop and court representative.

The woman left her new positions 3 weeks after Lacey’s demise. Then again, Clay is an official at the non-benefit association, Baton Rouge Civil War Roundtable.

Sheila and Clay have neither been captured nor accused of a wrongdoing. Be that as it may, they will confront the stupendous jury of 12 on 2 May 2022, who will bring charges against them.

About Lacey Fletcher Parents-What Did Sheila And Clay Fletcher Do? According to Daily Mail, Lacey Fletcher’s folks will confront the fabulous jury for ignoring her which caused her demise.

She was an honest lady who was determined to have Locked-in Syndrome. She generally required additional consideration in light of the intriguing neurological condition that she had.

Fletcher, matured 36, had fractional loss of motion which is the reason she couldn’t move totally. She was at first treated for the illness and was consistently taken to the doctor also.

In any case, Lacey didn’t get clinical assistance for the beyond 20 years. Her dead body was found in a disastrous condition at her parent’s home in January of 2022.

Fletcher’s mother, Sheila informed the specialists and they tracked down her in an abhorrent condition. Her body was soaked in her own pee and excrement start to finish.

Lacey’s body had live bugs and indentations from bugs. Plus, she was positive for Covid-19 and was experiencing ulcers and bacterial diseases.

In the wake of noticing the subtleties of her circumstance, the appointees managed her demise a manslaughter. In like manner, her reason for death was uncovered as clinical disregard.

What Did Sheila And Clay Fletcher Say? As announced by The Sun, Sheila And Clay Fletcher guaranteed that Lacey had not been sick which is the reason she didn’t see the specialist in 10 years.

They uncovered that Lacey was self-taught and had extreme social tension since she was a youngster. Additionally, they expressed that she would not leave the lounge room sofa where her body was found.

Also, The Fletcher couple asserted that they brought her lunch. They proceeded to say that Lacey crapped in towels or on the floor since she was hesitant to leave the lounge chair. Sheila has additionally guaranteed that she cleaned Lacey on numerous occasions and that Lacey had the option to go with her own choices.