Who Are Steve And Kristi Goncalves? Meet Kaylee Goncalves Parents

Kaylee Goncalves’ folks, Steve, and Kristi Goncalves, said that their little girl was intended to enjoy special times of year with them however rather got back to school to flaunt about her new car to her buddies. Kaylee Goncalves, one of four College of Idaho understudies severely killed on November 13, informed others that she “may have had a stalker” before her passing. Police, in any case, said on Wednesday that they couldn’t approve that data.

Skipper Roger Lanier of the Moscow Police told the journalists on Wednesday that they had learned through a portion of their interviewees that Kaylee had shown a stalker. They likewise said that they have investigated the data further by checking out at specific environments around. They still can’t seem to have the option to validate it, however they have not surrendered trust.


Steve and Kristi Goncalves are Kaylee Goncalves’ folks Kaylee Goncalves is the little girl of Steve and Kristi Goncalves. Her folks’ very own data has not yet been delivered.

On November 13, Steve Goncalves, the dad of one of the four College of Idaho understudies, was lethally cut at his home close to grounds in Moscow, Idaho. Kaylee Goncalves was one of the four individuals killed. Fourteen days after the stabbings, the executioner stays at large, bringing the case to public consideration.

He said that policing forewarned him not to expect a similar measure of contact he had recently gotten and that they would dial back a bit. Jones was informed by Goncalves that they had last conversed with him at 5 p.m. on Wednesday. He proceeded to say that he was disheartened since he has forever been very dependable.

All things considered, they could indeed give him a limited amount a lot of data. At the point when found out if he had any new data or understanding looking into it, Goncalves abstained from going after policing they are “diligent people,” adding that he would be “destined” without them.

What Kaylee Goncalves’ Family Needs to Say Regarding the Occurrence? Kaylee Goncalves got back to school in the wake of expenditure special times of year with her family to flaunt her new auto to her buddies. That’s what kaylee’s mom expressed, regardless of investing energy at home long before the occasion, her girl had selected to put in a couple of evenings back in Moscow prior to returning home for all time for these special seasons.

Kaylee’s mom, Kristi Goncalves, told Fox 28 Spokane that her little girl mulled over getting back to Moscow the entire day prior to deciding to do so in light of the fact that she needed to flaunt the new vehicle she had bought all alone. Her folks perceived the amount of she possessed to be excited about, and their little girl even promised to compensate them with her own cash when she got back. Kaylee made some pleasant memories on Friday night, as indicated by Kristi, who reached her at 2:30 on Saturday evening.

Who Are Kaylee Goncalves’ Kin? Kaylee’s kin are Fall Goncalves, Alivea Goncalves, and Steve Goncalves. Their confidential data isn’t open over the Web. Kaylee Goncalves’ sister, Alivea Goncalves, is professed to have outfitted authorities with a ton of indispensable data about the horrifying demonstration.

Examiners are as yet sorting out what happened on the night four College of Idaho understudies were killed. Alivea supposedly revealed essential facts about the homicide scene, including the six calls Goncalves made to her ex Jack DuCoeur somewhere in the range of 2.26 and 2.52 a.m.