Who are Tequan Hines and Asia? Couple who licked Blue Bunny ice cream and put it back in viral video investigated


Tequan Hines and Asia are a couple from Portsmouth, Virginia
The couple tasted frozen yogurt at a supermarket and held the holder back in the cooler
Portsmouth Police Office in Virginia is right now exploring the case

Tequan Hines and his accomplice Asia have maddened Twitter clients subsequent to licking a tub of frozen yogurt prior to returning it to the shop cooler. Portsmouth Police Office in Virginia is presently examining the situation.


Who are Tequan Hines and Asia? Tequan Hines and Asia are a couple from Portsmouth, Virginia.

Hines and his accomplice Asia, both from Portsmouth, Virginia, mixed commotion last week when one of their video became a web sensation.

The video, which has since been eliminated from their Instagram account, opens with the couple strolling down a neighborhood supermarket’s cooler office. Tequan urges Asia to open a tub of delicate whip frozen yogurt and lick the top when he is sure nobody is looking.

Tequan then requests that Asia convey it behind her as he subtly films her on his telephone.

‘Allow me to taste it. Allow me to taste it,’ he mumbles unobtrusively behind the scenes.

Asia gazes intently at the passageway, worried that they would be secured, and hollers, ‘Pick up the pace, pick up the pace!’

As the pair in no way want to purchase the frozen yogurt, the mother then, at that point, races to return the compartment to the cooler.

Tequan and Asia hustle away, making an effort not to snicker, toward the finish of the 19-second video.

The couple’s video was subsequently shared on Twitter, where it got north of 3,000,000 perspectives and incited client resentment.

D’Adrien L’Quinn Anderson of Port Arthur was condemned to 30 days in prison in Walk 2020 for running his tongue over a tub of Blue Chime frozen yogurt prior to returning it to the rack at a Texas Walmart.

He was likewise condemned to 180 days probation spread out north of two years, as well as a $1,000 fine and $1,565 in compensation to Blue Chime Creameries.

An individual who ‘debases or causes to be defiled any food, drink, remedy or over-the-counter medication, restorative, or other substance with the purpose to kill or harm any person who ingests, breathes in, or uses such substance’ can be accused of a Class 3 crime in Virginia.

It might possibly result in a $100,000 fine and five to twenty years in jail.